Thursday, February 18, 2010

dear john

After class today, Amber and I went for a date to Boiling Crab. We had two pounds of crawfish, a pound of shrimp, a dozen oysters (YUM) and sweet potato fries. mmmmmmmmm oysters. After that went to watch this movie DEAR JOHN. It was wack. Really. I don't know why all the girls are getting worked up about it. I only cried because of the father. ): It was worse than the Notebook. And I didn't even like the Notebook. At all. LOL. But it's okay cause I we went on an overdue romantic date. WABABA

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Quite the adorable un-romantic.

My favorite: Yellow Roses

I felt bad cause I didn't do anything for him. Cause I thought we weren't' gonna celebrate. So I made him dinner the next day :D
Tet with my family(:

Haha baby Ricky and I have the same facial expressions.
They made us get in a line from biggest to smallest to pass out the envelopes and to say our wishes for the new year.
My brother looks like Peter Petrelli with his hair. LOL
We look alike.
Eric has the exact face as my moms.
I'm tall :D
my beautiful mommy