Wednesday, November 23, 2011

dem brows dough

update on the browszszszsz. told you they'd look fine. :p

Thursday, November 17, 2011

new tattoo

yet another one. the most painful one thus far ): my skin is super swollen.
i'll post a picture once it heals correctly.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I have recently "airbrushed" (or pretty much tatooed) my eyebrows. They were pretty dark at first and I was really unsure about them, but they've faded significantly now and it looks as if I never did anything to them at all! Pretty cool waking up with hair on my face doe. LOL. I feel a lot less insecure.
This is from when they were super dark, chola status. But it looks cooler now. I'm too lazy to take a picture, perhaps manana. Going to watch The Walking Dead and eat oranges and knock out for a long day of school tomorrow. (:


These little buggers used to fall out of trees in front my old apartment downtown all the time. They would break their little selves and being the kid that I am, I gathered them all up and took them all home with me. Mom yelled at me every single time. She said they would bring some kind of disease into the house. Grandma was the only one that supported it, actually. She found a bird with me once, a long time ago while we were playing tennis. Bird just sat there, staring at us and didn't move an inch even as we got closer. Concerned, I told her I thought it was sick because it wasn't scared of us. So I picked it up and placed it on my tennis racket and we walked home that way. The bird died over night. I woke up excited to see my bird, only to hear her say.. "Sweety, your bird is in a better place now. So pray for him because he's with Buddha. Don't be sad."

Sparrows can fly for miles and miles, and still return back home. They are also one of the very few birds that mate for life; once they find their partner, they stay with them until death. These birds represent freedom and loyalty to the ones that they love. Too often do we take the sparrow for granted. Small though she may be, she is certainly powerful.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


It's either Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Little Mermaid, or Pochahontas that gets me up when I'm down.

I'm in love with that hat. Wish I could be able to pull something like that off nowadays without getting evil stares. I'm also in love with her sunglasses. They are often mistaken as wayfarers but upon doing my research, I found out that they are actually a model called "Manhattan" by Oliver Goldsmith. *Must hunt them down.

I would so kick a baby to see this on Broadway someday.
Future inkage is in reference to this movie. My entire childhood, youth, and young adult life molded around this fictional girl and her impulsive actions, defiance against her father, naive sense of "disney-like romanticism".

If you guys really read the real story of the little mermaid, you wouldn't believe how fucked up it turns out to be. Hans Christian Anderson, man.

Oh, must not forget about the other girl. Similar mindsets, a tid bit more realistic than the last.
First movie my dad took me to see in a real theatre.
I remember being really small and everything being really gigantic.
It was a good memory of us.


I want a love like this.


Found the perfect corner desk for that weird little corner in my room that fucks my whole shit up. Planning on mounting a 32" there as well.. along with future ps3 and a super comfy pleather (I hope :x) chair I plan on lazing on and playing games in. (or possibly doing homework in) LOL. The chair seems to overshadow my baby desk. ):

I get to sleep with James and Audrey on either side. ;p

I'd say it looks pretty nifty from what it looked like before. -__-
Plans: get a fucking canopy bed! YEAH.
*will probably purchase new curtains after canopy bed arrives.
It's hard to find some that goes along with this color scheme I'm going with. Black, red, gold trimmings?! Bloody hell. The curtains I currently have are light proof and sound proof, WTF indeed. But! I bought them in hopes of drowning out my psychotic neighbor who screeches death threats every morning to her 5 year old kids. /")_____-
My old bed throws everything off with it's birch-y wooden frame, but it's hard to let go since my mom bought it for me so many years ago. I guess here's to new beginnings.
Man, Ikea is evil.

Also, car has been sold. Goodbye Rosie Jane. ='(

Sunday, November 6, 2011

a circle

such a travesty. &i can't get out of it /")-________-

BUT! i am teaching myself not to care.