Saturday, December 26, 2009


December 18, 2009

My 20th birthday! So apparently my lovely friends have
been planning behind my back for a surprise birthday dinner in San Francisco. I had a tip off however and hella clues, so I totally knew it was coming BUT THE MERE THOUGH
T IS JUST SO HEARTWARMING(: I LOVE YOU GUYS. I was hella fooled in the
g though. They planned it in SF so I would have no clue that they would travel all the way there just for dinner and got me all depressed that
I wouldn't have anyone to spend my birthday with but Henry. LOL. And course I couldn't get out of spending time with my boyfriend even though I really wanted to come back to San Jose to hang out with the buddies. BUT THEY WERE ALL THERE[: Henry was supposed to take me shopping downtown and then dinner for "two" but I knew wassup. ;] Henry ultimate fail by not taking his camera with so I have no pictures for my memories): But he took a few snaps of me before we left to shop and what not. Ignore the pimple on my chin.
A few photos from my gay camera.

Sigh I wish I had a cool camera. My momma got me a camera for my birthday but it sorta sucks. Everything is blurry and the flash makes your face look ghostly. Henry also got me a camera but returned it once he found out my mom already got me one. -_- So what we're gonna do is return mommas camera and combine monies to get me a better one(:

December 24, 2009

Henry's family Christmas Eve party. I gave the nerf machine gun to Jesse (Henrys cousin) instead of my brother ERIC cause eric's a retard and didn't like it. ): Ate fooodsies and had a few rounds of shooting Jesse's other modified nerf guns at Henry. And then.. they both got me back.
I think this one is the only nice picture my camera produced. hahah

December 25, 2009

CHRISTMASSSSSS! and christmas in theee paaaarkkkk. I really wish I can upload all the pictures from Christmas in the park here but for some odd reason all the pictures I took with my mom's camera takes FOREVER TO LOAD. So I'll just load some of them. It turns out that the 30 day return policy for that camera is over and we can't even get store credit. So I'm gonna sell it for 100 bucks+insurance !! BUY IT.
I think this was one of my favorite trees.
The crazy Jesus people.
He doesn't look too excited for the ferris wheel -_-
That's better.

We ate DELICIOUS hots dogs, good ass churros and fucking bomb hot chocolate with a shit ton of whip cream on top and sprinkles. (: ahhhh a wonderful day.

That's it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try no moreeeeeeee. something something.. our love is out the door! it's been a rough road, baby just let it go.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh man.

I'm turning 20 in 4 days. Oh joy. ): ehhh totally not looking forward to this time of year..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Night

I don't remember half of what happened. O_O But I do remember laughing a lot.. HAHA. and that, that shrimp rice plate shit & avocado shake with pearls was FUCKING DELICIOUS. It's nice to be reunited with old buddies. <3you guys

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Must save 8,000-10,000 for carawr. Trying to get a RELIABLE fun-drivingish car that will last me FOREVAR. Okay maybe not forever. But for a very long time. Henry wanted me to get a volkswagen but then we decided on an RSX type s. yo. (white hopefully!) This will take maybe 4-5 months to accomplish. In the meantime, I will still be a broke mother eff. (:

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boiling Crab!

I really enjoy working here (: It's tiring as FUCK. But rewarding at the end of the night after closing the store and having that after-work cigarette from a 9 hour shift. I'm not making as much tips as I would be until I'm an official waitress (I've been training). But I'm getting paid real good. My legs and feet hella hurt from the walking and standing even running sometimes in this nonstop hectic-ness that is boiling crab crazy customers. My foot started cramping up from clutching as I took Amber's new GTI for a test drive today [; (yeah I test drove your car today Amber LOL) Perhaps I should start stretching before I go to work? Her car's pretty sweet. I love it. I was thinking about maybe putting a down payment on a car too since my mom wants to cosign for it and my grandma's been bugging me to do it.. and my car has been dying nonstop.. but I think I'm just gonna save up all my money for awhile and get a decent car off craigslist. Sides, the resale value isn't going to be much and buying a used car with interest for that much plus all the service it requires makes me think twice. =X Anywho, just an update on my employment-ness. I fucking love my co-workers. They are awesome and fantastic. (cept maybe one of them, who will remain nameless. lol) The people I've been serving have not given me any trouble thus far, in fact they are very nice and generous tippers. But since I've been forewarned that there will be some assholes, I'll keep a look out. Haha. And possibly some creepy dudes. Like the one from earlier, "Hey beautiful" *slowly walks away to other table. BAHA Okay goooodnight folks, have a wonderful morning. :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've done everything I possibly can. It doesn't take very much to make me happy. Not much at all.. & I'll apologize if I'm wrong, but I know that I'm not. Don't turn it on me.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I got hired.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wish List!

Just pondering on my Christmas Wish List. [:
New sneakers! Maybe a pair of ones??

E.L.F. professional 9 piece master set.

Coastal Scents 88 Palette. Warm or matte palette, either is fine (:
Black Leather "over the knee" boots. Preferably one with a smaller heel for easy walkage. :D
A NEW FUCKING CAR!! hahah I don't even know what this cute thing is but I just googled CAR.
Some sorts of a cool point and shoot camera !!! ]: I haven't had a camera for so long... ];

American Apparel Interlock Pencil Skirt in Black OR Sangria.
(Preferably black first, more universal ;])
Forest OR yellow American Apparel Track Jacket (xs)

Dark Berry (Maroon) American Apparel Windbreaker (xs)

Eh.. that's all I can think of right now. Tata!

please buddha oh mother of god almighty

Hire me Boiling Crab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rip tongue ring

My tongue ring is gone. I went to the dentist and took it out for a couple hours, tried to put it on again and it wouldn't go through. That shit closes up hella fast, like HELLA. SO BEWARE. ): I'm so sad. Same day as my chemistry midterm. Stayed up all night to study and on the last chapter, I went hella brain dead so I just skimmed through it. Turns out half of the test was on that chapter. fml.

On a brighter note, Amber and I got new phones. :D Thanks Michael! It's kinda weird though. Even if your number is stored into my contacts, it won't show up if you call me, so it's just a bunch of numbers. That's why if I pick up and ask who you are, it's not cause I don't have your number. -_- Well, I did lose a lot of numbers. SO UPDATE ME!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello dare

RESULTING IN^ with her laptop

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

California Adventure

Uhhhh apparently this was our breakfast. -ribs, lobster tails, pasta. O_____O
And watchinggg
Then to Legolanddddddddddd
Lego giraffe
Lego.. world?
Fake background
Walking down a deserted streeeeet?
Aw we didn't get to go on this ): The line was too damn long.
SULLY! I took more pictures with a cardboard him... but Amber has not given >:[
Aladdin show took forever to start
Such tourists
Damn hella tired
Amber and Michael
Its gonnsa start!
But wait, one more picture.
Aladdin frees genie!
Inside the cave of wonders man
The genie song!
Aladdin on an elephant! Dude he was fucking hot. I want to lick him all over.
On our way agains
Apparently, Michael has a phobia for these things.
But he looks happy right??? (Totally unforced!)
Still good.
We're good
I don't know what the fuck I was doing.
Getting started!
nooooooooo........................... ahahhahahah look at his face.
This is a fucked up picture. lol I'm hella laughing at him.
Just smile Michael.

There wasn't as much rides and things to see/do at California Adventure, so we didn't take many photos. The rollercoaster was fucking COOL though, course you can't take pictures on that. Yeah, I would say Disneyland is better. The only thing Disney lacks is that rollercoaster (California Screamin') or the Hollywood tower thing but that was too fucken long to even go on. ): Oh yeah we went on some water rapid ride just cause it was a 5 min wait, like right before the sun went down and got SOAKED fucking cold as shit but all good. In the neighborhood. 8)
He's the only star we found on the walk of fame that we knew. -_- hahah (wheel of fortune guy)
Last stop the next morning before home, the infamous Vietnamese Mall haha
Amber scary face
Trinh scarier face
Sorry.. I just HAD to do the fob pose. LOL!
This was mine. And it was fucking great.
He seems happpier now
Now we're both doing fob poses.

Chauncey came by to drop Dennis off and we all said our goodbyes. Unfortunately, we forgot to snap pictures of them. ]; Oh we also went to Irvine the night before to visit the kids and got some awesome late night California burritos+quesadilla open 24! Man, luckies. & that concludes this adventure kids. :D