Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Dorothy

My mom brought up, out of the blue yesterday that Toyota was having some kind of sale that they were blasting all over the radio about 0% APR and 1500 cash back or what not. She told me I should really jump on the deal before it ends the next day (which is now today). She thinks my celica is a terrible car and will die at any given moment. Offended, I immediately jumped to my beloved car's defense but at the same time thinking, man. She really is starting to fall apart. The clutch is starting to slip from wear and tear (henry thinks it hasn't been replaced since birth lol!) and the power steering pump is busted, so she sounds like a tank every time I make turns. Other than that everything works perfectly fine. Well, the cruise control mysteriously stopped working recently but I considered that a luxury for having such an old car. After some serious thought, the idea of a brand new car definitely started to appeal to me. After all it would be seriously nice to have the option of going on long road trips and not worry about something breaking, a car that would save me a lot more gas, and would have less things to fix! I took up her offer and we went to the Toyota dealership the next day, just to check shit out.

Henry tagged along.

At the dealership we got HUSTLED. BIG TIME. Okay, well, my mother got hustled big time. This funny, charismatic car salesman showed us around, complimenting my mom about everything. Making her giggle like a teenage girl. LOL. Henry could not roll his eyes further back into his head at everything he said. He had her sold! He had her in the palm of his hand man. She was almost ready to sign papers for a corolla that would have ended up costing me 20k out the door, for a color I absolutely did not want, a model I did not want, nothing I even wanted! Finally, getting some alone time away from the crazy salesman, Henry started his rushed, speed-talking rant about why we should NOT drop that amount of money for this huge commitment that was made in the past 30 minutes of being there. My mom now loves him for being so smart and witty with such matters [; He explained that there are many options out there and just because they're having a sale, this is not the only place we can go to get a car, especially one that we don't even want.

Next door to Honda we go! Where I found the PERFECT car for me. We asked for a white Honda Fit, 2010 preferably a manual transmission (its like 800 dollars cheaper), a base model. HOLY HELL they had one! BRAND NEW. It's like she was made for me. 14k, out the door. Fucken hella cheaper, everything I ever wanted. It was a tad more expensive but this salesman was Vietnamese and momma hella talked him down with the price LOL, she's the best haggler/guilt tripper. "Please! My daughter is a student! I'm not paying for this car, I'm only co-signing it, she's the one paying for it! Look at her!" hahahhhahah I love her.

Anyways, I couldn't imagine life to possibly get any better. I'm just going to be extremely broke from now on with rent and car payments. :D I love my life. Now let's introduce you to Dorothy.

She looks hella small but SO SPACIOUS inside! and like, a bajillion cup holders. ALL the seats fold down into a flat space. I could TOTALLY have sleepovers in my car and shit. LOL. Not to mention I fuckin' love having a radio so I'm not so lonely in my car anymore.

Jane is up for sale. Once I fix the power steering problem, I'll clean her up and she'll be good to go. ): I'll miss her dearly, and it would be nice to see her go to some other loving owner.
Let me know if anyone's interested. I'm asking 2500. I love you baby.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.

Every day I love you more and more.

Friday, February 25, 2011

i love my boyfriend!!!!!!!

honey bought me a shit ton of things from urban. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
i'm so excited for my big brown box filled with goodness!
& my 4.5 inch dolce vitas yayyyyy!
my arm feels like
a large semi truck ran over it.
i got my tetanus shot today, along with another shot and blood taken by momma.
my arm's so sore i can hardly lift it and i've been crying to henry all day.
he's been dressing me like a baby :P
i promise i'm not exaggerating ):

Monday, February 21, 2011


was today + a bajillion people crowding into one place to look at some gay cars. fortunately, this also means our friends are in town! :D so therefore, amber and i planned a small get together at our place with me, her, our play things, and matthew garrison. :P we bought 60 oysters split between the five of us (jesus christ we were so full), eaten with steaks, coronas, lemons, mushrooms, corn, asparagus, mangos, and green tea ice cream for desert. afterwards, the boys ended up playing street fighter till five am (when matt left) and then until 8 am. amber and i were snuggling in bed where she fell asleep and i stayed awake with the boys. we went to get coffee, they went home and i drove henry to school.
amber cut off a chunk of her thumb trying to open an oyster, and this is her "pedophile's dream" face.

they started freaking out because apparently this one looked especially like a vagina. HAHA

today was a good day. happy president's day everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

pushing daisies!

so, henry's cousin jackie gave us the entire first season of pushing daisies to watch on dvd.. 2 years ago? and we've finally bothered to open it up and watch it. LOL since we couldn't watch netflix due to the internet being super laggy and hella wanted to test out the new tv. but i'm SO IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. it's the cutest fucking thing ever! so this little boy finds out that he has the power to bring back the deceased when he touches them the FIRST TIME. the catch is, if he touches them again they fall back dead again. and if they remain alive for more than a minute, someone else in proximity has to die. he ends up growing up and moving away from his hometown and leaves his childhood sweetheart. now he solves crimes with this detective by bringing back people who were murdered for no more than a minute and asks them who killed them. one day, a particular case brought itself to the detective's attention and the victim turns out to be his childhood sweetheart. he couldn't bring himself to touch her again for the second time and have her leave him forever. so he let her live, and the funeral director dropped dead instead. he's hella in love with her but he can never touch her again or else she'd die. AWWWWWWW

NOT TO MENTION, i'm like whimpering at every dress, hat, pair of shoes, or earrings i see in this show. they are so fashionably dressed! fuuuuuu i can't waste my money on clothes anymore. i bet if i tried hard, i could probably snag a few vintage-y dresses at some old thrift stores but they go for quite a bundle of cash nowadays (for the real deal). but forever 21 and other modern clothing stores are attempting to recreate the dresses. i just feel like it's not the same if it's not made with a certain cut and fabric. fuck, i wish i knew how to sew.

not to mention, lee pace is a MAJOR hottie. i would no doubt, hit that. hahahah

also, henry's been having sinus headaches for the past week and keeps moaning that he hasn't been this sick in years. so i've been running around taking care of him, making food, soup, tea, wiping his little brow, feeding him medicine! pampering!! not going to class to stay home and take care of him.. NOW I'M FUCKING SICK.

fucking great.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

23 years old.

my babbbbbby is sooooooo oldddddddddddd! getting ready to settle down and have kids soon, right honey?! HAHAH JK well anywho, i had this whole wonderful day planned out for us. the first on the list would be a trip to ikea, A QUICK ONE, just to grab some needed furniture in preparation for our new tv. then after, head back to sf and stroll around shopping, thrifting, buying him cool new shit and then dinner. HOWEVER, we spent 5 FUCKING HOURS AT IKEA. because he spotted this red couch in the "as is" section marked down 20 percent, and then marked down ANOTHER 20 due to a special 3 hour sale (or some stupid shit like that) going on while we were there. he immediately fell in love with it and being the loving girlfriend that i am, i obliged. -_- so in all we bought the new couch, tv stand, coffee table, living room rug, bamboo plants (LOL shut up), mugs, trash cans and all that good shit. split down the middle! the couch was originally 500 but the price got marked down to 320. now that i see it set in the living room, it was a pretty good steal :P

my sweeeeet glasses i found in some vendor in sf!

darling, there is a chinese family in our kitchen.

i was unprepared!

henry and couch

trinh and henry and couch

the setup
just imagine a tv in the back haha

stayed in and made dinner instead

went to safeway, bought him a bottle, drank two shots and KTFO. i know, i'm a one shot wondaaaa ];