Monday, September 28, 2009

I fail, so hard.


Haha I look like a creep.

I studied, literally the entire day yesterday for this Chemistry test. I went to sleep, set my alarm, thought to myself
hm I better wake up (I've done this many times before) but it's okay I set my alarm clock this time instead of my
phone. Woke up, it's 10 AM. Classmate called wondering where I was. OH MY GOD WHAT TIME IS IT???
OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK. I set my clock apparently, to wake up at 8PM instead of AM. Yeah I'm a fucking
dumbass. Now I'm not even sure if she'll even let me take the test. I am depressed, to no end.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Impossible Project

My dad bought this Polaroid one600 camera a long time ago, and left it in his closet for quite some time. I dug it out of there hoping to put it to good use or maybe a new hobby of mine. Unfortunately, they stopped producing film for these as of last year in November.. and film is quite really fucking expensive now. (I think it was like 20-30 bucks for ten shots) Luckily for me, a team called the "Impossible Project" is working on getting production of instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010 in cooperation with Urban Outfitters. So I guess I'll let it sit on my desk until then. I'm excited. :D

A digital camera would be nice also. (ahem)



Long distance relationships

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I hereby disown my Vietnamese Heritage.

At least, this current generation.

SO FUCKING IDIOTIC. All logic, reasoning, and morals flown out the window. POOF!

Glad that I'm out of this scene. Well, kinda. Until I move somewhere else.

I love my boyfriend for being a normal Vietnamese boy that does not support the stereotype. <3333333333333333

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I need to save money.

For the two weekends in Socal next month. Fuck. I cannot afford this. ):

1st week: JCCS with Henrybaby+Gabriel and etc.

2nd week: Disneyland&Hollywood w/ Amber & Michael.

Promising, yet costly. That's it, no more eating for me.

Depressed because school is heavy and not sure I can do the part-time working thing right now. Education first says mother -_-

Car broke down again, she's sitting in front of Henry's house in Daly. I have no idea how this is going to work out. Parents are being unreasonable, apparently it's all my fault that the car is this way. (cause I totally drenched the engine with water in the first place. sarcasm.) Told me to pay for the tow and buy myself another car. This would have worked out, MAYBE when the car still WORKED and they actually let me sell it and had given me the pink slip for it. "Oh no the car is perfectly fine in pristine condition you are not allowed to sell it." To- "You broke the car so you have to get rid of it yourself now." GAHH! frustration!!!! WHYYYY

Now I must hitch rides to school with people. Why thank you kind sirs/madams.
Amber picks me up, drops me off. I get off and wait 3 hours for Dennis to get off.
During those hours=tutoring center+library.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Henry Nguyen is my boyfriend. Deal with it.
We've been with each other for over a year, and we're happy with that.
However long and how that turns out is up to us, our problems, our business. Not yours.
If no one asked you for your opinion, it would be goddamn pleasant if you could keep your goddamn thoughts to yourself. Like back in elementary. Member?
If you can't do that, then it would be great if you could express your feelings to me your goddamn self. (instead of talking shit with other people that eventually leads to me.)
You don't fool me. I am not fucking scared or even intimidated of you.
Apparently, I'm an idiot for being with him!
Apparently, in some sick way, if I'm not going to be Dennis' girlfriend anymore (sorry Dennis this has nothing to do with you) the world is going to blow up because you can't get your way. If you all love him so fucking much GO AHEAD, take him. The more you pull this shit on me the more my friendship with him that we've been able to maintain despite all you fucking dipshits will go to shit.
Dennis, you are one of the most important people in my life. I would hate to lose you as a friend.

So ask me why I don't place myself or act normally around anyone anymore?
Because the people who I used to call friends are judgemental, selfish assholes.
I'm done with it, I won't even bother with small talk or hellos.
I don't want to fucking see your face, I don't want to hear your fucking voice and I sure as hell do not want to acknowledge your goddamn presence.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another piercing!

On my tongue. And I can't eat for shit. (: whoo -_- everyone has been trying to get me to say she sells seashells by the seashore. quite annoying. Momma bought me a laptop on labor day :D It's supposed to be my super early birthday present. I am so happy. I finally have a decent computer that isn't slutted up with viruses and stds thats a bajillion years old. I love my mommas.

dell inspiron black Pictures, Images and Photos

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just wondering

Is it just me? Or am I the only girl whose boyfriend doesn't drive to see her? With the exception of it being convenient for him, of course. Well, now that Lafonda's gone, I guess there's no way of it working.


MY BAD, driving is not the only necessary means, I would take the bus/caltrain or walk if I could/had to(and have, on many occasions). jeez. Also, this is not a matter of how well off you are or being fortunate enough to possess a car. -_- That's a completely different issue. In conclusion, the male species (majority of them) are heartless, careless jerks who doesn't give a rat's ass about putting effort into their relationships with their significant others because they assume that the females will handle their shit with smiles on their faces because maybe they are sprung off their asses over them. And maybe they are fucken tired of having scrub ass boyfriends. The end!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My baby, totally completely broke as I was driving to school from Daly City today at 8 AM. She likes to have small tremors when I accelerate, usually (probably not normal) but today as I entered the freeway she started convulsing like A MOFO. Then all of a sudden the engine just turned off, literally and my car was just rolling down the freeway going from 60 to 50 to 40, etc. Luckily I pulled over in time off the side of the freeway on this bend that turned into an exit (not too safe) the shoulder barely fit my car and I was hella scared of someone running into me. I called Henry freaking out, he was still sleeping and barely registered what I was saying at first, and then I gave up on him and called my dad. In the meantime, a tow truck that I did not call suddenly pulls in behind me and a guy walks over asking if I needed help and that he should tow my car somewhere safe. I WAS SO RELIEVED. Goodness those guys are so nice and helpful, the government pays them I guess to take cars off the road to prevent hazards. If you run out of gas they'll give you a gallon for free! So they towed me for free, but only to a destination approved by the CHP or some shit and I ended up getting towed to the parking lot of a mall (Serramonte) and from there waited for another tow truck to come from San Jose to get my car. It was some old Vietnamese guy and his wife lol. I waited in the parking lot for like FOUR FRIGGING HOURS possibly 5, literally. The sun started getting higher and my car was seriously on fire, so since I was conveniently parked in front of Daiso, I walked around forever in there and ended up buying 10 bucks worth of cute shit (notebooks-Amber I got some for you, and a picture frame). Yup I ended up missing a whole day of school, AN IMPORTANT DAY AT THAT, and I feel utterly useless and disappointed and even empty because I missed school. T.T
Oh yeah, and then my phone died.

And apparantly, Amber also fucked up today with Dante. haha, wow.<3