Friday, July 24, 2009


We made it to Henry's aunts house at newport beach! Reunited after more than a week[; aiiiiite. lol fuck my life.
I have a shitload of hw to do and yet I'm on this trip. I'll probably try doing some on the track.
Or I'll probably get distracted. Like usual..

So like.. my computer caught a virus.
I was doing some research on a paper when I clicked one of the links google gave me. It went to some other webpage that wasn't the url on the link.. and a bunch of pc-ish looking boxes popped up and told me I had a virus and I had to download this thing to get rid of it. Silly me thought that it was my computer telling me to do so, so I clicked it. BUT I THEN REALIZED THAT IT WAS THE WEBSITE AND NOT MY COMPUTER. ): Therefore, shit has been popping up all over the place and I haven't been able to log onto gmail or bank of america of any such thing. And I'm afraid to do so because I don't want my shit stolen. Therefore, I haven't been updating and now on Henry's laptop. poo.

On top of that my car died. I don't fucking know what happened but my dad drenched the engine in water and apparently that fucks shit up. It hasn't been starting and when it does the whole shit shakes like a mofo and I don't know whether its even safe to drive it. I guess I'll have to wait for Henry to take a looksee..

His family scares me, like super. I'm not sure if they like me or not but at least his aunt thinks I'm purdy. Which I doubt.
I'm super homesick after like one day. I miss my momma. I miss Eric. I miss Mika. I'll be back on Sunday though. (: toodles

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day four.

Of not seeing my boyfriend. 5 more days to go..
I can't wait for ASB. Watch me turn into an African(:Scary face kisses for Henry Nguyen.
Trinh Phan misses you.
Come back please.

So here's my day, if you care to read.
Amber and I took my little brother to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I loved it, but Eric thought it was boring. I hereby disown him from the family. I'm pretty much a Harry Potter nerd while he is a Series of Unfortunate Events nerd.. -_- Fail. Then we took him to go swimming. I dragged his butt out to the deep side but he started being a little baby about it and we ended up splashing Amber cause all she was doing was sitting there reading my magazines. After that, dropped Eric off and Amber and I went to eat crawfish with Thanh and Ben. It was my first time eating crawfish at an actual restaurant, very interesting experience indeed. I was trying to tell Thanh that I know how to eat crawfish and she didn't have to lecture me when it just so happened to fly out of my fingers and land neatly on the floor. Then, commenced to getting sugarcane juice, only it was closed and ended up pimpin the parking lot of grand century for a bit. Dropped Amber off, and went with Gabe and Adam to my neighbor's party. They drank there, hells of beer. After that went to the so called "mansion party" all the fucking way in San Mateo, not so much beer. The house was really fucking big though, even though it had no gargoyles therefore it is not considered a mansion. LOL. Hella disturbing ass white boys showing their ass cracks in their fucking white boxers jumping in and out of the pool shirtless thinking they're hot and buff while in reality they are skinny and white as fuck. Gross. One of them even shoved their ass in my face. It makes me so glad that Henry is the same skin tone as I am(:brown sugggaaaaa. Gabe and I had some fun doing "commentaries" for some of the white boys in the pool ahah. Smoked smoked smoked. I made a discovery that saying you're 3 months pregnant with another kid at home is a very good repellant for creepy guys at parties. Adam drove me home, ate my rice plate momma bought for me and now sleep till late afternoon tomorrow, wake up do multiple essays, research paper, study for exam #3, and reading. YAY ):

I never thought I'd say this but, I can't wait till Monday for school.
So I can forget Henry exists, at least till Friday so I'll miss him less. T.T

My hair is fucked. I tried dying it white but it turned fucking blonde. FUCK!!!!! This is the first time in my life that I am blonde. Hopefully it won't last for long, I'll fix it asap. Also I've lost hella weight. Amber and I are the same fucking weight now.. 105-106 lbs, and we're both 5'5. I'm not even trying to it just happened. Now I gotta buy tighter pants. Fuck.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fuck socal.

I'm quite sad even though Henry only left today and I saw him a couple hours ago, but knowing that I won't see him for more than a week makes me depressed. Sigh. I need to do my laundry. And I need to go shopping. I need a pair of long black boots. And a shiny jacket. lol! I'm also lacking a lot of jewelry. I keep losing everything I get. There's hella more shit I want but have forgotten.. But I did get a new pair of cheap mondays![; So I guess I might be working at best buy in Milpitas. That is, if I do well on my interview har har. But I don't know it might be weird working with friends, I mean experienced that once and it was not too pleasant. (Amber!) lol. I'm not exactly looking forward to a familiar face going all alpha male on me. But money is money. And I also might as well break up with Henry cause I won't see him ever again with school and work. But at least the upside is I have more monies to support my unhealthy shopping habits :D And money to help my mother out. SO MANY DECISIONS. Oh well, summer school is almost over. One thing I look forward to is ASB next week with honay and the boys. I'll probably do that interview soon. As soon as my phone is back in working order :P I just watched this French movie Une vieille maƮtresse . It has English subtitles. It's pretty interesting, and pretty fucking weird. But I enjoyed it. I'd recommend if you're up late and can't sleep watch kinda movie. The main character chick hella looks like frida kahlo with no unibrow. lol.
I need to take some nyquil and knock out before I stress myself to death.


(btw that smooth away shit does NOT work.. waste of ten bucks -_-)

stila mascara Pictures, Images and Photos
BUT this is my favorite of all time<3 Haven't found any better.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The obon festival+beach

Two in one for Jackie's birthday. Yayuh. Well I didn't eat much at the festival(I thought it was pretty darn expensive) but Henry, Gabe, Jackie and others drank plenty or beer and sake and sake bombs.. lol. Walked around with my drunk posse in public in the day time. I still managed to spend 20 bucks even though I ate like 3 of those .. hmmmm.. The terriyaki beef stuff was coool[: And at the beach, I failed hard core at skim boarding. I did so much better the first time. T.T Lets steal some of Henry's photos for you!

Obon Festival

I was sober walking around with my drunk ass posse. It was hot. But exciting(:

Gabe's face

One peice



BOOM all over your shirt. Idiot.

Tempura in my tummmy

Beer not in my tummmmmyy (: DESIGNATED DRIVER YEAH YEAH!



My big fat cock.

That's me in the sand(: That's Gabe stroking my dick(:


Lol Trinh and Amber^

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Girls who I think are really fucking hot.

Aishwarya Rai. An Indian actress and formerly known "Miss World" 1994. LOVE her eyes. (I'm pretty sure they're real.) If I were to imagine Jasmine in the real world, she would look like her.^ :D

Jamie Gunns. British model. You may recognize her from the cover of Maxim magazine. She's a cutie face.

And of course, SHANNYN SOSSAMON. And no Henry, she's mine.

I've taken to eating raw mushrooms.. weird right. But I heard it's good for you!(:
My mother keeps badgering me to go to the doctor. I seem to have a phobia of such places. But I am kind of worried that I've been coughing nonstop for the past.. months. A very long time. I'm pretty sure smoking is not exactly helping me out (haha) but I'm sure I'll quit soon. The last time my lungs got xrayed it came out clean. But I also have tuberculosis so maybe I should run a check up some time soon if this doesn't stop. ]; OH and get my cervical cancer shots done + hepatitis shots. (hep runs in the family) yikes! X.X

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I lost my phone.

I don't know why but I've been really depressed about losing my phone. I EVEN HAD A DREAM ABOUT MY PHONE. It's that bad. Perhaps, it is because I have confirmed my mother's prediction of me eventually failing, at everything. -_-;; Like how I lost the phone that she loved and gave to me.. that I lost.. FUCK ): Not to mention I've been stressed the shit out with these two classes this summer. Every night is at least 2-3 hours of homework. AT THE LEAST. To pile on top of that, I'm sick. Again. My head hurts, I feel congested, every time I cough I feel like my brains are gonna spontaneously combust, fevers and chills.. (imagine trying to study in that kind of condition). Now I have to study three long ginormous chapters for my psych exam tomorrow.. And I also figure maybe I'm better off being by my lonesome. Boys are just bad news.

I'm just going to take a very, long, hot shower.


RIP my beloved phone. If you happen to find one of these with a yellow cover on it and a picture of a chihuahua for the background.. please return it to me. I will reward you with love and affection...

Oh, and these arrived today. <3 A bit big, but still damn sexy.