Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Funny thing last Sunday. I tagged along with Henry to work with cleaning up the equipment for Paris by Night and decided to park my car in a parking structure downtown cause there was no fucking parking anywhere. We thought it was free since all the gates was up and shiet and herra people were leaving so whatever. After he was done we walked back skipping, hand in hand and skidded to a halt when we realized they closed the gates and it was all locked and barred up and shit. Poor Lafonda was stuck inside and we're stranded downtown in the middle of the night all alone. ): Frantically looking for signs or a number to call, Henry calmly called the company and asked them to send for help. We circled the building, inspecting it and I came across a speaker box thing with a button on it. I pressed multiple times with no response. Desperately, while pressing down, I yelled at it "HELP ME!!!!!" And what do you know? A very nice old man answered[: He found us and saved my car and we got away with free parking. YEEEE

I always get into strange, unpredictable situations with you babe. Haha, I love it. (Except the time we got jumped by random Mexicans.) Goodnight yo.


Finally uploading pictures from the past couple adventures I've had over the summer. Starting off with Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with the best friends in the entire worlddddddd. FLLB! Very long, very tiring car ride. And it wouldn't be complete without getting lost at least twice with Amber and Stevie. -_-;; Once again I am the driver... and their asses got to knock out after and I had to drive our asses back home.. during traffic.. after getting lost cause Stevie sucks at reading directions. -_________________________- Typical road trip for us I would say (: As long as we're together, it's all that matters.

Six Flags; FLLB!

Trinh driving while making ugly faces.

Amber sleeping while Trinh driving >:[

In line for our first ride!

Waiting for SHOOOKAA the whale? ahahha. I suggested we sit in the front row cause I wanted to real bad.
Front row
Not so good
IDEA! ahahah. But they ran away before the damn whale came out. I didn't see the goddamn whale. I drove hours to see that goddamn whale. ):

Food was so friggin expensive]; Amber and I went halfsies while Stevie enjoyed her corn dog. As you can see. hahahah
Feeling incredibly drained from not sleeping all night from the sleep over with 2 girls on my goddamn bed and driving while babysitting and drinking my illegal coke cause I snuck it in my bag WAHAHHA[;THIS STUPID TONY HAWK RIDE TOOK AWAY HOURS OF TIME WAITING IN LINE T_T It was pretty dope though, I must admit. ^^

At the end of the day, waiting for the bus thing.

I'm tired and fucked up and I don't wanna talk about it. ): Sad face.

But this was absolutely, the highlight of my day. (: (: (: (: (: (: (:
& he looked so darn happy to take a picture with me too. roffl, especially after I grabbed his tittays.

Lily's Birthday Beach Shin Dig

So I have this friend that I haven't seen since the good ol' elementary days. Myspace miraculously brought us back together hahaha. She invited me to her birthday thing at Seabright Beach and I came with a bunch of other kiddos and reunited. whooo

Lily's head sticking out of the sand.

This is Amanda Katherine Mong, my best friend since Kindergarten, apartment complex buddy, and babysitter's house where I ran over Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. (: I love her, I love her. Even if we grew to be completely different people SHE KNOWS WHERE SHE CAME FROM >:]

Gabe being bored cause he has no friends. lol


Lily in the sand again.

I tackled her twice into the water and she fell for it both times. Literally.

Adam bored. Ladies were checking out his pectorals. lop

Tigol Bitties!

Why do I always make the same face -____-

Well that's it for now. So very excited that I got to see Amanda again after awhile.. she doesn't come by too often unless I force her to ]; The ride on 17 in my ghetto ass car was quite interesting with Gabe driving all crazy not being used to my fucked up allignment and blown steering rack bushing shit. Maybe one day I will give Lafonda a nice makeover, or I'll just sell her for a manual car. TEEEHEEEEEHAW


P.S. I miss you Rock Lee. I hope you know this. It's nice to see your face pop up every once in awhile.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dated with love.

I had thought I'd learned my lesson after FINALLY breaking free from that terrible, best forgotten, abusive relationship of mine that took away a year of my life. A pathetic, miserable year indeed. Upon getting back up on my feet, I met you. Or rather, you played our situations into your advantage and we wound up together. I also recall a time where you told someone that you knew what I had been through previously and wanted to "save me". So there I was, a very battered girl trying to get her life back on track and you walked effortlessly into it. And it was effortless to let you in. I was so in love with you. I didn't know that I could feel that way after such an incredibly short amount of time. It was impossible. But the first month spent together, was the happiest that I had ever been in years.

Because I stick around longer than I should to be with you.
Because I put up with you and your absurd ways.
Because I care for you like a child that's always in need of attention.
Because you drain my wallet and my gas tank.
Because my lungs collapse every time I visit you in Gilroy.
Because I put you before most of everything else in my life.
Even after you did what you did. Even after you tried to go back to her. Even with the criticism of my family and friends. Even when everyone told me I'd be stupid not to leave you. Even if for as long as I will be with you, I'll always feel like your second option.
Because I love you.

You left me in the same condition you found me.
But ten/eleven excruciating, grueling, wonderful months later, I still love you, as much as it hurts me to.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, Henry Hien Nguyen.

(But that doesn't mean I'm going to take shit from you any longer ya hear??) Let's be happy together now, promise?

Trinh Phan

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eric's Graduation!

My little brother has graduated the 6th grade!! Onward to middle school and sex and drugs and rock and roll. haha or not, I'll beat his face in. >:[ ! He's going to J.W. Fair, my old middle school. It's pretty damn ghetto there so I'm crossing my fingers. Henry tagged along to take some phoootos of the familia and stuff. We barely had any sleep the night before, so yeah. We're pretty fucken tired. [; Anywho I only have two pictures that he sent me right now but I'll upload the rest later.
His teacher
I look like an Asian mom. OH SO PROUD
Derrick (cousin) landed on the wrong side of the gene pool. LOL
And the face!
Isn't he a cutie face?


My short midget family.
(you'll note the difference in height when you see Henry in one of the pictures)
Yup. Fucking giant casserole<3 My daily loves.

Yeah, so I was the only person screaming for him when he walked up. "WHOOO YEAHHH ERIC PHAN! ERIC PHANNNNN WHOOOO" And all the surrounding people straight up laughed at me. So I tried hiding my embarassment behind Henry causing his camera to shake causing my brother's picture to be nonsharp. -____-;;;;;;;;;;;; And being further yelled at by Henry. oy! Then finally leaving the ceremony to eat bun bo hue with my mommas and my grandpops and Henwheeee. Back to my casa and knocked the fuck out together. The end. (:


Yesterday and today was nice. *Remind me to upload 6 flags pictures soon.

Slept in the majority of the day, surprise? haha. Lounged around at home and hung out with the little one and mommas. Come night time, Dennis came over and we chilled on the porch with our packs of cigarettes. Leading to the roof with our packs of cigarettes. Leading to Chauncey and Kenneth's surprise visit and outstanding bite marks on my arm. (courtesy of chauncey) -___-;; Missed him so very much! [: [: [: Talked to the newly enlightened Kenneth about Buddhism and spiritualism on the roof for quite awhile. His newfound discovery of my religion has seemed to respark my old passion for its teachings. I think I'm going to start digging in my shelf and reread all the books my grandmother gave me. I seem to have lost track of the path or, "middle way"that I should have been on until recently. Alot of shit has happened to fuck around with my mind and views upon certain sensitive subjects. I apologize for this. (including the way angry blog down below) I need to remember to have compassion and forgiveness for all beings.. no matter how shitty. Also have a hold on that anger of mine. har har har..........

Jonathon picked me up and off to Jamba we gooooo. After a very satisfying banana berry smoothie we proceded to go with Dennis to his family party. THE BABIES ARE SO BIG NOW! Ahhh I missed them soooooo. I'm like, in love with Dennis' family. After that a party in San Leandro with the boys and Amber. EPIC FAIL. Failed party, but interesting ride. And Iguana's for carne asada nacho fries mmmhmmmmmmmmmmm.

I guess it turns out I don't really hate Henry that much. And hate is such a strong word. People make their mistakes, not much you can do about it but leave if you're not going to deal with it. Yeah, I tried doing that. That was an epic fail all its own. I just wish people would stop coming to my house and begging on their hands and knees for me to take them back. HAHA JUST KIDDING. I'm giving you one last chance and if you fuck this time up, then it's a done deal. You know my blog is going to be filled with hate letters and love letters here and there like a bipolar fucking roller coaster, but its okay. CAUSE BITCH, I DO WHAT I WANT. wahahhaa. I haven't seen that kid for two days, kinda miss his ugly face. Maybe I'll visit him tomorrow. Until then, good day sir.


p.s. Japanese people aren't that bad. Discovery #34

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I hope you're happy

Cause I could give a fucking shit about it anymore. You win you fucking home wrecking fat ugly trick. I hope you both best wishes and loads of sexually transmitted diseases.

Peace out.

Trinniggga Phan


I apologize for the angry outburst but I've realized that I don't quite so much hate anyone as much as I hate you, Henry Nguyen. So you can suck my big black cock and stick it up your ass.

Monday, June 1, 2009

My achey brakey heart.

I can't take seeing you with her.