Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pulse lounge

Sooooo. Last week, thursday? I believe so. I went to this Bobby Brackins (the homo 143 song with Ray J) Event in SF with Amber, Stevie and Julian. Amber and I took both our own cars. Drove there. Crazy vertical hills screaming in the car with Stevie hoping Amber doesn't roll back into me. "NO COP NO STOP AMBER!!" LOL. Found the place. Really jenky, sketch joint. Waited for the damn ticket people to come and do their job (they went to watch the stage apparently) while some drunk/rolling mexican guy harassed ALL of us trying to sneakily brush against our asses. Finally got in. Partied. Totally Steven's (dj snare) groupies. Pretty much came to support him! You did wonderful Steven(: & it was FUN. even though we came HERRA LATE.

Got out of the club. Henry got in the car with me. Stevie went with Amber and Julian. About to start the car and Stevie runs back rapping on my window "AMBER'S CAR GOT BROKEN INTO" holy shit. Runs out and sees glass shattered on the ground and a bunch of girls freaking out. (when I say a bunch of girls I really just mean Stevie. lol) They broke in through her left rear window. Broke into the dash took the gps, wallets, and their purses. Took everything in the trunk where they so carefully hid their bags. For some fucking reason Stevie transfered her purse from my car into Amber's. My car was left untouched. UNTOUCHED. I fucking left my bag out there in the open too, on the back seat cause I didn't really care since I had nothing in there. I seriously parked one car away from Amber, and her car's windows are tinted. Found out later on that several other cars in the area were also hit up. I guess these kids knew there was an event and was bound to be girl's purses hiding in their cars.

Went back to Daly to Henry's house. Everyone called their credit cards and cancelled them. Drove to the police station and filed a report. Everyone left at around 5. I knocked the fuck out around 6. What a crazy fucking night.

Well here are some lovely pictures that my lovely CLUB photographer boyfriend snapped of us before all of this bidness. HEH HEH

I was going for the flapper look. LOL
I look ginormous.
Dude. Bobby Brackin's looks like a fucking alien. I had no idea who he was before this. And I didn't even know he was behind us the whole time. o.o
HOLY SHIT HAHAHHAHA I LOOK SO FUCKING HAPPY LOL. Amber's just like, "yeah, yeah. you like it. uh huh."
I think Josh took some of these.

& then the sad part of the night ):

The end. Goodnight kids. Weight training tomorrow. D:
i'm so lost.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

crime in stereo

Today was such a beautiful day. Henry and I actually woke up before the sun went down (haha) and went to get lunch at this Korean grocery store that we yelped. It's just like Mitsuwa.. but Korean.

We took the ruck cause, well, cause we can.

Helmet hair!


Salad, absolutely scrumptious.
We both got clay pots. Mine was spicy pork and Henry's was beef.

And a plate of salmon sashimi! YUMMMMMMM
Soooooooooo goood.
The bill D: I swear this happens every single time we eat out. And it comes out of MY wallet, folks!

After that we went back home where Gabe awaited. I played the unicorn game on adult swim (AND BEAT YOU YUTA! YEAHHH) until it was time to depart to the show. My first one!
Cute jello squirrel on the squirrel wall at the bar.

Singer putting his glasses next to where I was standing.

HEY GABE TAKE A PICTURE OF ME AND HENRY! *takes picture of himself. -__-

Fucken crazy children
I swear that guy with the red shirt ran into me like 5 times. HARD.

Henry trying to take pictures haha

I had fun(: Despite the punching and elbowing and pushing in my face (which was fun too I guess) and claustrophobia kicking in with the small space and large crowd. I thought the drummer was REALLY FUCKING HOT. I kept trying to take a decent picture of him but he was all the way in the back and there was always a guitar in his damn face. Oh well.

Here's a vid I took. You can see Gabe running around like a caveman. haha (nm that was another video but I'm too lazy to upload it. <^>)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Dolce Vita boots in "dark yellow" even though they look more of a dark brown, cognac color. I've been searching for a sorta military style ankle boot like these.
Miu Miu black platform booties. They're 400 dollars. Cries. ):
AWESOME zig zag 80s inspired purple pumps from Aldo. THEY'RE VERY CHEAP, HENRY HINT HINT ;[ ;[ ;[

I couldn't figure out how to save the first two pictures since it was a flash something and couldn't right click so I just took a screen shot of it. LOL. One of these days... you will be mine. But not today. ): I've never been much of an expensive designer purses/bag collector or even jean wearer. But I would NOT MIND one bit whatsoever if it came to shoes. I have decided to open an account or a jar to put away money specifically for my shoe fund. :D But first... but first.. I must buy shoes for JANE(mycerica) and pay off for the motor swap -_- & other miscellaneous things for her first. But hay! Early christmas present? Half birthday? Whatever works! hahaha

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

status update

Amber got the job. I think. She should! She used me as a model for her demo with Tammy. Here are the results.

My hair's gross and parted wrong on account of just getting out of gym and my lips are dry. poop. BTW I'm wearing these faux eyelashes Tammy's cousin sends her from VIETNAM. SURPRISING? I think so. I absolutely adore them. They're not too much and looks perfectly natural. I need to get some for special occasions even though I LOATHE putting them on.

so depressing


don't pass me by

beautiful people.

Adriana Lima doesn't fit into these particular decades of women, but she damn sexy.

Sophia Loren

Grace Kelly

Elizabeth Taylor

Ava Gardner

Notice how the dark brows and dramatic cat eye lids were popular in the 50s-60s. Fashion always has a tendency to repeat itself! Now.. as for that hair.. and those clothes.. [; LOOOOOOVEEEEEEE. Women also had nice voluptuous, hour glass figures. Now it's beautiful to look like little boys. Of course Henry would agree to this statement. -___-