Saturday, January 10, 2009


How easy is it to make one of these.
Anywho this is just going to be for myself.
So I can spy on people. And stalk their online lives. WAHHA
& have conversations with myself of course.
So fuck offfffffffff fuckerrrrrrrrs<3
Hmm. First day at the shelter today.
Orientation class, met a girl named Emily who goes to Santa Clara.
She's cute(: My new buttbuddayy.
Note to self; Dog Training officially begins next Saturday at 2:00
Note to self; Stalk guy with beautiful eyes.

The puppies and kittens and mousies and rabbits.. I just want to steal them all and run away and create my own awesome zoo/animal farm where I can change my occupation to zoo keeper. ):

They euthanize any animal that gets sick if there isn't anymore room in the "sick room" where they isolate the animals so that the infection doesn't spread.. Personally, I think that's really sad. I mean, it's not like a deadly sickness or anything. It could just be a cold and if there isn't room for them to recover.. then they just put them to sleep. What the fuck is that?! Well I suppose it's the volunteers' job to make sure that doesn't happen. Although, no kill shelters only take in some dogs (particularly ones that will most likely be adopted, such as, cute cuddly non old dogs) this animal shelter takes in ALL dogs, all animals, regardless. We're supposed to do most of the work in the shelter, the administrators and staff and too busy running around with other things. Animal interaction and socializing, adoption processes and lost pet tours are dependent on volunteers. I can't wait to get my hands on a dog and just take him out for a walk or to play out of that small smelly cage.(: I hope I can make a difference one day, at least to one animal. Mika's a lucky little chihuahua to live in my house, that bastard<3

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