Thursday, June 17, 2010

pismo trip day two

So after a long day we ktfo at the motel to wake up at 8 for the atv appointment. amber and stevie of course knocked out before i did -.-

they said i look like a chipmunk ): why are my cheeks the only ones getting squished. POOP

nice old guy driving us out to the dunes

i swear my eyeballs get lighter as it gets warmer


hahaha stevie got stuck so many times and couldn't get out
dude we kept getting fucking stuck cause we got the cheap atvs and they have like, no power. -.- but it's okay! cause we still tore shit up. (well amber and i did) HAHA

soooooooo we're riding and i'm following amber and stevie's hella far behind us. i see her fly over a sand dune like it's nothing so i'm like okay it should be fine and i gas it all the way. ONLY TO FIND OUT ITS LIKE A VERTICAL ASS DROP! my body literally flew into the air but i managed to hold on and landed fine. midair i see amber sprawled on the ground and quickly scuttling away so i wouldn't run her the fuck over. when i ran over to see if she was okay she started yelling at me to get stevie before she follows us and kills herself. HAHA. she hurt her knee and hit her head so we went in early.

poor amber's traumatized knee.

and that's the end of our first atv adventure.

after that we grabbed some grub at this restaurant "steamers" that davis referred me to. we took it to go to conserve time for our next stop, monterey bay aquarium!
my shrimp seafood pasta. pretty fucken bomb.
oh this was the cafe we ate at yesterday. it's fucking packed!
amber got grilled ahi burger or something ALSO DELICIOUS
so as we were busy entertaining ourselves and singing along to our favorite songs.. amber didn't notice how fast she was going. FUCK DUDE
and got a speeding ticket ): i love you honey
finally reached monterey hella tired and hella sad from the ticket.

BEAUTIFUL ass day today.
outside the aquarium being awesome tourists

i was so fucking happy. it was magical, like the little mermaid.

camo fish haha

touching a sea cucumber. i realized that i don't like touching them. at all. it was really gross.

hahah he posed for our picture

i hella thought there wasn't glass and tried to stick my head through one of these things and hit myself in the face. total blonde moment. but we've had more than enough of those these past two days.

so this is where all the jellyfish pictures come from o.o
uhh yeah i'm supposed to be a whale.

trying to take romantic pictures


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