Monday, December 19, 2011


.. so spoiled.

an ipad 2 from my best friends and a ps3 from my boyfriend. (with apparently more gifts arriving in the mail, so he says o___O) and my mama bought me the samsung galaxy s2 phone that i've been wanting to get for like ever. so YES, I HAVE A SMART PHONE NOW. O=
they wrecked my room with balloons and silly string and splooged me in the face when i got home. on top of that, yet ANOTHER surprise lunch with everyone else the next day. i never saw it coming. i seriously feel like the luckiest person ever and i can't think of anything else that could make me any happier.

i was so depressed to leave these 21 years of age behind me and yet,
this was the best birthday ever.
happy 22nd to me. (:

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