Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Is KILLING MY FUCKING SOUL!!!! Omg.. if you know what I'm talking about. Sitting in the living room now with Davis and Henry watching them play. They won't let me play. Because I'm a girl. fml.. Though of course my cock is larger than both of theirs combined. I would like to shoot something too. If only shooting people were legal nowadays. I'd have a perfect target in mind.. hehh harrrr wahah. Oh yeah look what Henry made for me when I tried to break up with him. Now that's a face only a mother could love!!! (: He's kind of stupid. I don't even know why I stick around............ You probably don't either eh it's okay. I'll just use him a bit longer and throw him away when I find a new toy. WAHAHAHA! jk, jk.

Anywho. Chemistry also kills my soul. Amber and I will be out celebrating and getting fucked up (amber doesn't drink ever..) if we manage to get B- 's AHA how sad is that???Maybe I should be a Nazi Zombie for Halloween. Either that or a clown so I can scare the living daylights out of Amber. (She has a weird phobia) FUCK MY LIFE I WANNA GO HOME ALREADY BUT THESE KIDS TAKE FOREVERRRRRRR WITH THE GAMES.. ): ): ): Takes me an hour to drive here and another back blehhh stupid out of city boyfriend who's not really even my boyfriend right now fagget shithole. We're supposed to watch a movie but nooooo. Instead I'm here. Sitting. Blogging. Rambling. I hate that bitch. AHA yeaaaaaah suck it.

Btw. I miss my long hair real bad.

I'm trying to grow it out again and my hair looks all gnarly. I think I'll get it layered again(:


I miss this.



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