Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boiling Crab!

I really enjoy working here (: It's tiring as FUCK. But rewarding at the end of the night after closing the store and having that after-work cigarette from a 9 hour shift. I'm not making as much tips as I would be until I'm an official waitress (I've been training). But I'm getting paid real good. My legs and feet hella hurt from the walking and standing even running sometimes in this nonstop hectic-ness that is boiling crab crazy customers. My foot started cramping up from clutching as I took Amber's new GTI for a test drive today [; (yeah I test drove your car today Amber LOL) Perhaps I should start stretching before I go to work? Her car's pretty sweet. I love it. I was thinking about maybe putting a down payment on a car too since my mom wants to cosign for it and my grandma's been bugging me to do it.. and my car has been dying nonstop.. but I think I'm just gonna save up all my money for awhile and get a decent car off craigslist. Sides, the resale value isn't going to be much and buying a used car with interest for that much plus all the service it requires makes me think twice. =X Anywho, just an update on my employment-ness. I fucking love my co-workers. They are awesome and fantastic. (cept maybe one of them, who will remain nameless. lol) The people I've been serving have not given me any trouble thus far, in fact they are very nice and generous tippers. But since I've been forewarned that there will be some assholes, I'll keep a look out. Haha. And possibly some creepy dudes. Like the one from earlier, "Hey beautiful" *slowly walks away to other table. BAHA Okay goooodnight folks, have a wonderful morning. :D


  1. YOU DROVe my caR!!!!! isnt it sweeet! i hope michael didnt let anyone else drive my car -____-" he had it for two days.

  2. I drove your car better than you did. HAHAH JK! You'll get better... *prays. No he only let me drive it.

  3. yeah im getttin better JUST THOSE DAMN HILLS!! other that .. im good lol I WISH YOU GOT A NEW CAR THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!! <3 im praying for ur ass! and hoping ur lexus will be on her good behavior when a buyer looks at it. lol