Friday, October 8, 2010

hello october

I AM TOTALLY PURCHASING THIS HELMET. + the bubble visor as well.
I tried it on and it looks awesome especially with my charmander face. LAWL
SF Moto
this rebel caught my eyeballs. it's so rad. jealoussssss
"Charlie's place" cute little bike shop. Dude there was really hot mannnnnnnn. Lots of CBs sitting around in the front too! I've decided I want a cb350 since I don't want to kill myself just yet.
And it's going to be schoolbus yellow. [;
Then had lunch at naan curry. Indian food for the very first time!
rice is booooomb.

yummmmmmm. the bread was sooooooo goooood!
Goodwill to end our night (:
I picked up several super dope silk blouses all radically colored and designed along with two over sized sweaters. I'm so happy right now. Gotta sign up for M1 license classes soonsies.

On a side note, Matt is currently teaching me how to play Guile on SSF4. He's so hard!
I need to work on my flash kicks. They're playing while drunk off whiskey and coke right now. LAWL.

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