Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Event at Billy DeFrank LGBT community center with boyfriend. He's been doing this event for a few years now and I never got the chance to tag along. But it's pretty interesting watching a whole bunch of Vietnamese dudes and gay couples get their groove on. [;
This guy is apparently pretty well known in the Gay Vietnamese community.
Henry sorta kinda really sucks at spot lighting, I tell you what.
Two brother and sister doing a thing together. They ended up stripping off their clothes and engaged in a masochist tango. Right? LOL
GIRL? OR GUY? That is the question.

I'll give you a dollar if you can tell me which one is the guy.

LOL she/he did Beyonce's Single Ladies. "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it."
Henry looks so Mexican with that stache..

Minh Tuyet impersonator??

We thought that this one was the hottest. Don't you agree?
That black girl had MOVES man

Katy Perry hahaha
Ending skit. It was rather sad. It was about how a gay son was trying to come out and tell his mom that he likes the penis. And she is like super traditional Vietnamese mom (but of course played by a gay guy) so she rejects all thoughts of him and his partner. The uncle sits him down and tells him about the story of how he had a gay moment in the military with his buddy back in the day. I walked out to smoke and everyone was hugging each other when I came back, so I presume everything turned out well. LOL quite touching indeed.
And then I totally speared an eggroll on the floor with my 3 inch oxfords. yayuh

he straight up made out with him in the end
katy perry. yeahhhhhh yeaaaaaah

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