Saturday, March 26, 2011

de Young

Henry scored some sweet tickets to the Olmec exhibit at the de Young museum from his architecture class :P

Only managed to take these two pictures from the Olmec exhibit, due to crazy museum personnel eye raping us and no photography allowed ]; And then we snuck around touching things that we weren't supposed to touch. LOL
It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. I also learned a lot about their culture. They're one of the earliest recorded civilizations, dating before the Mayans! The museum was also crazy packed today for some reason. There was some kind of flamanco dancing show going on at the same time. Pretty nifty :P
The more modern-art part of the museum. Displayed behind me are the charred fragments of whatever's left of a burnt down chapel. (LOL) creepy right? But when I read the description, the artist's goal was to incorporate the whole gravity defying theme into the unity of science and religion, and the search for spiritual enlightenment and "ascension". I thought it was genius.
And randomly, a portrait of well known DC universe superhero. Too bad there wasn't batman ;[

There was so much more to take pictures of and wonderful art pieces, but we both forgot our cameras and they didn't allow photography anyway. But this was what we could salvage from Henry's droid!

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