Friday, April 8, 2011

Already decided who I want and who I need in my life.

Today, was a very chill relaxing day.

Woke up, got ready. Expected to go see an art show with Andrew but it ended up getting cancelled because his teacher bailed out. So boo for that. He's been asking me to go with him for weeks too! haha. Ouch, I just hiccuped really hard and it fucking hurts. SO anyway, we ended up just eating with Amber before she had to go to work. After that he and I wandered over to the new Goodwill that just opened across the street from BC. I bought this SUPER rad 90's shit romper that I am so excited to wear. Two blazers, two blouses, earrings, and an old white, wedding dress for my corpse bride costume. Now I just need to make a veil and we can have our dead wedding shoot! So exciting.

Michael installed HIDs in my car today. I don't know what you're talking about the BEAM pattern being fucked up but I seriously cannot tell the difference. It's also a lot brighter so I'm pretty happy about that. Don't worry it's not annoyingly bright or anything. He also promised to put my old bulbs back in if I'm not happy with it. (: Ate at boiling crab with him after the lights.

Watched "Your Highness" with a few friends. Everyone got high of course, except for me. I would like to remember that shit, thanks! It got terrrrrrible reviews but I really really liked it. Of course you would expect the humor to be crude with Danny McBride! That guy is too much. I think the entire audience was on crack or some shit, cause forreal there were these people behind me that kept LAUGHING when it wasn't fuckin funny. chill out bros

Sleep I go for a full day of work tomorrow. (:

Side note, believe what you see. Not what you hear!

& right now all I see are rainbows. LOL

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