Thursday, April 14, 2011


with what's going on in my life and how I'm taking every twist and turn that occurs. (:
I just paid for my classes. All that hard earned money, gone gone gone.
But I also signed up for a shit ton of classes for this summer and fall.
I need to hustle my ass off to get caught up from this "break", or rather fallout I've had with school.
I've also been picking up as many shifts as I can and working hard to pay my bills and spoil my family rotten. ;P
Took Eric shopping on his birthday, being that he's all grown up and too cool now for toys and games.
Bought him a coach wallet, two pairs of SKINNY levis (aw he looks so adorable in them), two shirts and I want to go back to get him this super cute hoodie. haha
Also bought mama a really cute, ivory coach bag. Just cause.
She yelled the shit out of me, but I know she loves it.
I'm mighty proud that I walked into a mall, spent hella money and none of it on myself =x
A very rare occurrence. LOL
VERY excited to start this new semester, FRESH.
I'm going to make it up to you, I promise, Me.
& at least attempt to be that impossible "dream" daughter you've always wished for me to be.
(knowing myself and my restless, to say the least, personality.)
You are my strength.
No worries from here on out!

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