Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm privileged.

Because I have a loving family that cares about my well-being and happiness more than most of many things in the world. Because I have a grandmother that loves me most out of all her grandchildren. Because I have a mother that works her tiny butt off day after day to make sure her children gets the best that she can give on her average pay (while my dad bums around). Looking at my family from afar, you can see that we're not exactly what you can call well off. We barely scrape to be on the defining line of what is considered to be "the middle class", but the most important aspect and value that I was taught growing up is the importance of family. Of course every, or most, families would stress this value but seldom remain as close over the years. Money is indeed a crucial factor in current times especially with the standard of living increased to staggering proportions, yet we always seem to get by just fine. Although we fight and scream at each other every single day, my momma loves me more than ERIC HAHA jk but yeah. I love her. And gamma! (when shes not pmsing)

My best friend, who has been there through these past 5-6 years for me. Through my highschool sweeet heaaarted years. My partying year. My black hole ditch of a year. My BITCH ass co-worker. My college classmate for every single damn class. My lab partner. My enemy during Chemistry. My GPS. I love her forever and ever and ever and a day. Though we have our own lives to attend to, I know for sure that we'll never grow apart even as we grow separately. No one and especially no guy or anyone can replace you (on my top 8) LOL just kidding. I fucking love you.

My best friend numbero dos. Stevie if you're reading this I didn't forget about you. And um. Yeah, that's it.


A boyfriend who, most times, doesn't know what to do with me. He has no clue, no possible idea how to handle me and yet he still tries. He loves me despite the bitch tantrums and bad words I yell at him to shoo him away and leave me alone because I think I'm better off that way, yet still, there he is knocking on my window, at 5 in the morning. Because he is the most immature, little, most baby-mindstated boy out of anyone I've ever met. His love, unconditional. His bites, painful. We are both always broke all the time but he KEEPS ASKING ME TO BUY HIM HIS STUPID VALVE COVER. Which I am totally not going to buy you Henry. My wallet is an empty hole every time he's around, but I guess I wouldn't be happy if it was full and without him anyway. (thats why I always have money when I'm not around Henry.. I save.. like a mofo.. THEN BAM goodbye.)

Wonderful wonderful, friends that surround my daily life. I would be super bored (and nicotine free) without you guyssssssszszszsz. cough cough. :D

I don't know why the emo blog earlier. But this is my list to read to keep from falling into a ditch.

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  1. FINALLLY!!!!! a blog that acknowledge my existence! lol i love you too hunnnnay and no mattter what! you can always reach me =]