Monday, August 31, 2009


School has begun. This blows big time. "Hairy non-rounded balls". We have returned as sophomores. LOL.. oh dear shit.

My schedule thus far:
Chemistry 1A (Lecture) Monday, Wednesday 9:15AM-10:40 AM Hwang
English 1C Monday, Wednesday 12:15 PM-1:40PM Hahn
Chemistry 1A (Lab) Monday, Wednesday 2:00PM-5:05PM Brown
Basically, school from 9am to 5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. T_____________T

Oral Communications(waitlisted) Tuesday, Thursday 1:45PM-3:10PM Rowe
Basketball(waitlisted) Tuesday, Thursday 12:15PM-1:40PM
Ethnic Studies Thursdays 6:00PM-9:15PM Lujan

So my math class got totally cancelled and now my schedule is fucked and my whole educational plan cause now I'll be a semester behind on math.. So I'm trying to get into comms since it's another class I'd have to take anyway along the line but if I can't get into it then Basketball is my plan B in order to be full time -__-

First day of Chem and we already reviewed FOUR frigging chapters. Two hour lecture and 3 hour lab.. I have a feeling in my gut that this class is going to drain away my life. ): IF ANYONE HAS TAKEN 1A BEFORE PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN ANNOY YOU. oh well.. At least I have all of my classes with Amber, minus one (the math class we were supposed to take) instead she's trying to get in poly sci and me comms. I can go ahead and take calculus but I told my counselor HELL NO I need REVIEW! So she told me to take that class but now it's fucking dead and gone due to the lame budget cuts. ): But I'm too scared shitless to take calc now. Sigh.

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  1. holy cow! are you able to squeeze in a part-time anymore??

    i miss u dude!! :[ fck mtn view hella boreeeing