Thursday, April 15, 2010


Dolce Vita boots in "dark yellow" even though they look more of a dark brown, cognac color. I've been searching for a sorta military style ankle boot like these.
Miu Miu black platform booties. They're 400 dollars. Cries. ):
AWESOME zig zag 80s inspired purple pumps from Aldo. THEY'RE VERY CHEAP, HENRY HINT HINT ;[ ;[ ;[

I couldn't figure out how to save the first two pictures since it was a flash something and couldn't right click so I just took a screen shot of it. LOL. One of these days... you will be mine. But not today. ): I've never been much of an expensive designer purses/bag collector or even jean wearer. But I would NOT MIND one bit whatsoever if it came to shoes. I have decided to open an account or a jar to put away money specifically for my shoe fund. :D But first... but first.. I must buy shoes for JANE(mycerica) and pay off for the motor swap -_- & other miscellaneous things for her first. But hay! Early christmas present? Half birthday? Whatever works! hahaha

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