Tuesday, May 11, 2010

grubstakes+omargori+colorful lids

So last night I drove Henry around the city looking for sirens and cops and what not so he can take photos for his spot light news assignment. The closest thing we ever found was some old lady getting wheeled out of a hotel into an ambulance and a prostitute walking down the street. LOL. So we gave up and went to GRUBSTAKES this really cute Portuguese diner that's open till 4 AM in SF.

My hot hot chocolateee.
Played around with my new makeup. The lip color looks really nice and natural (:
The diner.
lol henry and his camera.
I got marinated pork with some sort of wine. yummmmm
I think he got a burger with bacon, egg, onions, tomato, lettuce. etc.

Then this afternoon was the only day Stevie, Amber and I didn't have work FOR ONCE. So we took a small outing together to Japantown to Omargori (this korean restaurant). Here are some pictures of Stevie taking pictures of her face. HAHAHAHHA


Yeah.. that's enough of that.
At the place.
Amber attempts to teach Stevie how to use chopsticks.
My spicy pork kim chi stone pot thingy thing.
Amber's beef tofu soup.
I don't know what the fuck Stevie got..
I think Stevie was checking out our waiter quite a lot. HAHA

As you can see from the bags under my eyes, I am very sick and tired from spending a day at the Gilroy house full of cats.

Back at Stevie's house and Amber forces her devil's work onto the eyelids. LOL

As you can see I have quite not recovered and am knocked the fuck out while Stevie is getting her makeup done.
I shit you not. I woke up and my face was like this. LOL HAHAH. Amber did my makeup while I was sleeping. The powder is too light for my skin so I look like a ghost, just ignore that folks.

Well good morning there.
Woke up to some strawberry pie stevie's momma made
Amber's failed attempt to spike my hair

Fell asleep again with Ryan
Ryan playing with Amber's phone. I love him! (:
Amber takes a picture of her face.

The end.

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