Tuesday, May 11, 2010

shit ton of makeup

also, here are some better pictures of my hair.

it's that short. believe it.

henry and i will walk down castro together holding hands like cute little boys.

Amber and I ordered 80 bucks worth of makeup from elf. This is everything we got :O

I bought an 11 brush kit. I adore it.

Some products recommended:

Eyebrow kit in medium. I can never be too scared of thinking my eyebrows are too dark or too light. This blends in perfectly.

Complexion perfection powder. Neutralizes red areas.

Shimmer palette is a cream based shadow. The eye transformer is powder and they both are great highlighters.

Lip primer and plumper is probably my favorite out of all these lip products, as well as the lip liner and blending blush in natural. I haven't tried the lip lock yet, but the lip stain goes wonderfully over the prime & plump and color stays on long and vibrant.

High def powder! For photoshoots and what not, or every day use. It's sheer. The mineral blemish powder contains sulfur to help clear up pimples and problem areas! The kabuki brush IS SOFT AS FUCK. Seriously. Buy this shit. It's so hella cheap.

I really liked this mineral mascara even though I was iffy about it at first. It applies just the right amount so your lashes don't look like spider legs and really natural. It also gives volume and depth to your eyeballs. Me likey.

My camera died before I could take more, but I also liked the face primer, candy shop lip glosses, and some of the blushes. Shit. I think I hear Henry's roomies arguing upstairs. I'm going to go check this shit out. LOL


  1. i love e.l.f. :) ya'll should watch out for sales.. i got like 60 dollars worth of stuff for like 15 dollars on their 70 percent off sale..

  2. i like the mascara, but it's not waterproof =[ smudgeyyyy....but their studio brushes are pretty amazing...i must admit =]