Saturday, May 15, 2010


We got pretty hungry last night and yelped for some late night grub in SF and came across this dandy little establishment.
Hank's Eats, open till 3 AM!

Shrimp tacos.. are not that good. Do not get them. I fail.
Porky's Revenge, however. DELICIOUS. I'm a fool for not getting the same as Henry's. ];
Went to sleep, woke up and went to OYSTERFEST! Oh man today was great. I'm glad I took off work to attend. Thanks for taking me honey (:

Check out this crazy overcast in the city. wuuuutt

Punk security guy wouldn't let me in because I didn't have a pass. I had to wait outside for Henry to find the booth and get me one. WHICH TOOK FOREVARRRRR. Stupid bitch.
AW MY CUTIE PANTS! getting his grown man on! awww.

This fucking tri tip sandwich line took up 40 minutes of my life. A guy nonchalantly tried to cut in front of us and we didn't really notice at first until this really nice girl behind us tapped him on the shoulder and said "Excuse me but the line's back there." and then he tried to stand next to her and she was like nope sorry buddy the rest of us had to wait too. Then we made friends with her and her boyfriend and talked shit about how good this sandwich better fucking be.

we look gross.
THE SANDWICH WAS 10 FUCKING DOLLARS. I bought two. & actually it wasn't that bad. But sadly, not worth it.

In fear of standing in line once again, I bought 2 dozen oysters for a grand total of 42 dollars.
I know it's fucking ridiculous. & you know what? I didn't like it. It was very grainy, lots of shell pieces and very pungent. I love Boiling Crab's raw oysters WAY better and they're SUPER cheaper. mucho. and fatter. and juicer.

CAKE! Was so fucking great live. They're such crowd pleasers. I love the instrument boingy thing he was using.

Henry discovered there was free beer back stage (after I already spent 14 bucks on buying him beer) and this is the result. LOL
So I drove home singing to myself in all this crazy San Francisco Traffic.

So I spent 100 dollars today, pretty close, on this festival biz. & I must say it was worth it. (:

Here are some short vids I took when CAKE came on.
The memory was getting low so I couldn't tape for long.


  1. the girls in front bob their heads funny LOL

    oyster festivals pricing seems to be like garlic festivals pricing. so litttle but fuckin expensive ):

  2. yeaaaaaah dudeeeee. i spent all of my tip money in one outing ): but at least we didn't have to pay 30 bucks admission. i didn't get to take any pictures of the raveonettes. i forgot to add that i was too busy eating my oysters but they sounded great as well! and i was HELLA laughing when i watched my video of those girls head bobbing LOL i didnt notice it on the stage