Saturday, January 1, 2011

I think I'm going to start this new year off with a not necessarily angry passage directed towards a certain someone.. Sorta more like a goodbye forever note. And I mean it this time. I'm going to be brutally honest with you.

You were more than an ex boyfriend to me. You were my best friend. We proved this friendship genuine, even years afterwards. Though I must admit, there were times when it was a bit one sided. You were always there hoping for me to come around back to you. And you made it nothing less than obvious. This sort of freaked me out of course so I often times gave you the cold shoulder, ignored your calls and tried my best to avoid you. But I hope you understand that I'm very sorry. I remember you complaining to Amber once that I didn't appreciate you enough. I really didn't. I guess I just thought that you would always be there for me. I'm sorry Dennis.

100% truth. I am happy for you. Cause seriously dude, it's been a VERY long time since we broke up and it's a little sad that you haven't moved on. (no offense! haha love you) And now that you have, I believe it's incredibly healthy for you in so many ways. True, I am bitter about the loss of a friendship BUT, in this particular case, our loss is definitely necessary.

Now for the bitter part.
If you may think for even a moment that ONE of these days we'll start talking to each other again and one day repair our friendship. You are undoubtly WRONG. I'm sorry but I will never be able to speak to you again.
I will never be able to be friends with you again.
I'm going to donate Mochi to a shelter or some sorts of children's home. She no longer has a place on my bed. And I'm burning everything you ever gave me to shit. (dramatic, I know) but it seems to be the appropriate measures for how strong I'm feeling about this. Everything will be wiped clean.

"I promise one day when I'm older and I haven't found anyone, I'm going to kidnap you from your husband and take you and your kids with me."

"I would sabotage everything I have if you ever gave me any hope for us."

"I still see a future with you."

All of this in the time span of THIS YEAR. COINCIDENTALLY, one of these text messages were sent in MASS to everyone on my address book the day my phone got stolen. If you don't believe it then go ask anyone of my coworkers because they all got the same text. Shit, Henry even read it. Yuta read it. They never judged you or treated you with anything other than kindness. Even AFTER I broke up with Henry and started dating that one douche (LOL) (which was fairly recent at that), you said all this shit to me. WHILE YOU HAD A GIRLFRIEND. Can you not see how wrong and fucking retarded that is??? Did you think that you could keep me on the reserve just in casies, for later?! Even so I didn't say shit to anyone because I'm still loyal to you. Then you broke my trust completely. Take all your words, your promises your LIES and shove it up your ass. Go treat your retarded ass girlfriend good who, though still retarded, IS STILL YOUR GIRLFRIEND. You have no fucken right to say any of that shit to me. You have no fucken right to go behind her back and say that shit to me. I of all people would know this. Backstab me, and then expect to be friends in the future.

I'm sure you know that in spite of you, I met up with your girlfriend and gave her all the information that I possibly had on hardcopy. Since I knew she wouldn't believe me if I didn't have the evidence. I so wish I had saved those text messages for her now. I'm not trying to ruin your relationship, I'm just trying to clear my name. A name that YOU tainted yourself. I was going to remain neutral and keep all this shit to myself but you started shit with me FIRST. There's no crime in standing up for yourself. I don't know what it is you've done or told her for her to come running back to you when it's so obviously plain what you've done. What have you done to so cleverly twist the truth with that smart mouth of yours? It doesn't matter to me. I just want to not hear those little annoying rants anymore. lol but promise I won't anymore cause I'll ask Henry to delete both of ya'll.

We will never have a future. Get it through your dense ass fucking head.

Good bye Dennis Muth.

Oh, and I don't ever want to hear about you talking to my boyfriend, EVER again. Don't forge a friendship that isn't genuine. Late.

Last posts regarding any which one of you.

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