Tuesday, January 4, 2011

If you are displeased

with the content that you are reading, then I strongly advise you to shimmy off from my personal blog. I will say whatever, whenever I like and will not hold back for the likes of anyone. Its' purpose is to keep close friends who gives a fuck about what goes on in my life, storing pictures, rants and diary entries pretty much. (As any blog should.) Treeninja.blogspot.com is innocent from any accusations regarding tampering with anyone's current life or involvement of such. I honestly think I've been pretty true to my word, definitely not continuously publishing diatribes to the world simply for the pure act of provocation. (Though I am not innocent of responding to these.) However, I do not post my shit on the book of faces for the entire community, though picture entries are acceptable. Although! I do appreciate your word that you would place a halt on such demeaning actions. I will rest assured. I would also really like for this blog to remain public, so that homies can come retrieve these pictures and such as they wish. I've thought once or twice about making it private but then I realized that I gives a fuck about what you or anyone else, for that matter, may think. If you continue to be concerned then you may contact my lawyer. Or perhaps I should create a giant sign that says "discretion advised", maybe "for mature audiences only" somewhere up in here.

Thank you very much for your time lovely audience.



  2. don't worry yuta, i will continue to post pictures of the many adventures of henry and yuta... with trinh hanging out on the sidelines. ;[