Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Found the perfect corner desk for that weird little corner in my room that fucks my whole shit up. Planning on mounting a 32" there as well.. along with future ps3 and a super comfy pleather (I hope :x) chair I plan on lazing on and playing games in. (or possibly doing homework in) LOL. The chair seems to overshadow my baby desk. ):

I get to sleep with James and Audrey on either side. ;p

I'd say it looks pretty nifty from what it looked like before. -__-
Plans: get a fucking canopy bed! YEAH.
*will probably purchase new curtains after canopy bed arrives.
It's hard to find some that goes along with this color scheme I'm going with. Black, red, gold trimmings?! Bloody hell. The curtains I currently have are light proof and sound proof, WTF indeed. But! I bought them in hopes of drowning out my psychotic neighbor who screeches death threats every morning to her 5 year old kids. /")_____-
My old bed throws everything off with it's birch-y wooden frame, but it's hard to let go since my mom bought it for me so many years ago. I guess here's to new beginnings.
Man, Ikea is evil.

Also, car has been sold. Goodbye Rosie Jane. ='(

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