Monday, November 14, 2011


These little buggers used to fall out of trees in front my old apartment downtown all the time. They would break their little selves and being the kid that I am, I gathered them all up and took them all home with me. Mom yelled at me every single time. She said they would bring some kind of disease into the house. Grandma was the only one that supported it, actually. She found a bird with me once, a long time ago while we were playing tennis. Bird just sat there, staring at us and didn't move an inch even as we got closer. Concerned, I told her I thought it was sick because it wasn't scared of us. So I picked it up and placed it on my tennis racket and we walked home that way. The bird died over night. I woke up excited to see my bird, only to hear her say.. "Sweety, your bird is in a better place now. So pray for him because he's with Buddha. Don't be sad."

Sparrows can fly for miles and miles, and still return back home. They are also one of the very few birds that mate for life; once they find their partner, they stay with them until death. These birds represent freedom and loyalty to the ones that they love. Too often do we take the sparrow for granted. Small though she may be, she is certainly powerful.

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