Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My baby, totally completely broke as I was driving to school from Daly City today at 8 AM. She likes to have small tremors when I accelerate, usually (probably not normal) but today as I entered the freeway she started convulsing like A MOFO. Then all of a sudden the engine just turned off, literally and my car was just rolling down the freeway going from 60 to 50 to 40, etc. Luckily I pulled over in time off the side of the freeway on this bend that turned into an exit (not too safe) the shoulder barely fit my car and I was hella scared of someone running into me. I called Henry freaking out, he was still sleeping and barely registered what I was saying at first, and then I gave up on him and called my dad. In the meantime, a tow truck that I did not call suddenly pulls in behind me and a guy walks over asking if I needed help and that he should tow my car somewhere safe. I WAS SO RELIEVED. Goodness those guys are so nice and helpful, the government pays them I guess to take cars off the road to prevent hazards. If you run out of gas they'll give you a gallon for free! So they towed me for free, but only to a destination approved by the CHP or some shit and I ended up getting towed to the parking lot of a mall (Serramonte) and from there waited for another tow truck to come from San Jose to get my car. It was some old Vietnamese guy and his wife lol. I waited in the parking lot for like FOUR FRIGGING HOURS possibly 5, literally. The sun started getting higher and my car was seriously on fire, so since I was conveniently parked in front of Daiso, I walked around forever in there and ended up buying 10 bucks worth of cute shit (notebooks-Amber I got some for you, and a picture frame). Yup I ended up missing a whole day of school, AN IMPORTANT DAY AT THAT, and I feel utterly useless and disappointed and even empty because I missed school. T.T
Oh yeah, and then my phone died.

And apparantly, Amber also fucked up today with Dante. haha, wow.<3

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