Sunday, September 13, 2009


Henry Nguyen is my boyfriend. Deal with it.
We've been with each other for over a year, and we're happy with that.
However long and how that turns out is up to us, our problems, our business. Not yours.
If no one asked you for your opinion, it would be goddamn pleasant if you could keep your goddamn thoughts to yourself. Like back in elementary. Member?
If you can't do that, then it would be great if you could express your feelings to me your goddamn self. (instead of talking shit with other people that eventually leads to me.)
You don't fool me. I am not fucking scared or even intimidated of you.
Apparently, I'm an idiot for being with him!
Apparently, in some sick way, if I'm not going to be Dennis' girlfriend anymore (sorry Dennis this has nothing to do with you) the world is going to blow up because you can't get your way. If you all love him so fucking much GO AHEAD, take him. The more you pull this shit on me the more my friendship with him that we've been able to maintain despite all you fucking dipshits will go to shit.
Dennis, you are one of the most important people in my life. I would hate to lose you as a friend.

So ask me why I don't place myself or act normally around anyone anymore?
Because the people who I used to call friends are judgemental, selfish assholes.
I'm done with it, I won't even bother with small talk or hellos.
I don't want to fucking see your face, I don't want to hear your fucking voice and I sure as hell do not want to acknowledge your goddamn presence.


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