Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I need to save money.

For the two weekends in Socal next month. Fuck. I cannot afford this. ):

1st week: JCCS with Henrybaby+Gabriel and etc.

2nd week: Disneyland&Hollywood w/ Amber & Michael.

Promising, yet costly. That's it, no more eating for me.

Depressed because school is heavy and not sure I can do the part-time working thing right now. Education first says mother -_-

Car broke down again, she's sitting in front of Henry's house in Daly. I have no idea how this is going to work out. Parents are being unreasonable, apparently it's all my fault that the car is this way. (cause I totally drenched the engine with water in the first place. sarcasm.) Told me to pay for the tow and buy myself another car. This would have worked out, MAYBE when the car still WORKED and they actually let me sell it and had given me the pink slip for it. "Oh no the car is perfectly fine in pristine condition you are not allowed to sell it." To- "You broke the car so you have to get rid of it yourself now." GAHH! frustration!!!! WHYYYY

Now I must hitch rides to school with people. Why thank you kind sirs/madams.
Amber picks me up, drops me off. I get off and wait 3 hours for Dennis to get off.
During those hours=tutoring center+library.

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