Saturday, September 5, 2009

Just wondering

Is it just me? Or am I the only girl whose boyfriend doesn't drive to see her? With the exception of it being convenient for him, of course. Well, now that Lafonda's gone, I guess there's no way of it working.


MY BAD, driving is not the only necessary means, I would take the bus/caltrain or walk if I could/had to(and have, on many occasions). jeez. Also, this is not a matter of how well off you are or being fortunate enough to possess a car. -_- That's a completely different issue. In conclusion, the male species (majority of them) are heartless, careless jerks who doesn't give a rat's ass about putting effort into their relationships with their significant others because they assume that the females will handle their shit with smiles on their faces because maybe they are sprung off their asses over them. And maybe they are fucken tired of having scrub ass boyfriends. The end!


  1. there are people who dont have a lisense.

    there are people who cant afford cars.

    there are people who live in countries without cars.

    there are people who live in countries without roads.

    there are people who live in countries without other people.

    there are people who ride bicycles.

    there are people who ride camels.




    in conclusion.

    its not that bad bro.

    i can arrange transportation for you.

    $3.50 starting.
    $2.00 per mile.
    $50.00 an hour staging fee. (if applicable)