Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rip tongue ring

My tongue ring is gone. I went to the dentist and took it out for a couple hours, tried to put it on again and it wouldn't go through. That shit closes up hella fast, like HELLA. SO BEWARE. ): I'm so sad. Same day as my chemistry midterm. Stayed up all night to study and on the last chapter, I went hella brain dead so I just skimmed through it. Turns out half of the test was on that chapter. fml.

On a brighter note, Amber and I got new phones. :D Thanks Michael! It's kinda weird though. Even if your number is stored into my contacts, it won't show up if you call me, so it's just a bunch of numbers. That's why if I pick up and ask who you are, it's not cause I don't have your number. -_- Well, I did lose a lot of numbers. SO UPDATE ME!

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