Wednesday, October 7, 2009


there's not much exciting going on recently. Aside from returning from Irvine for JCCS.
Did I mention I'm going down to SoCal again? This week? -__-
I mean, the cars were cool too. LOL
My boyfriend and Yuta didn't win shit. HAHA BUT! It's okay, cause they got some attention from other kiddos. Internet/magazine-wise. I'll steal some pictures later when they come out. Kinda sucks not having a camera of my own.
Here's Henry's car.

& Yuta's. Cute huh? Even cuter if he'd fix MY CAR or SELL IT [; wink. wink.

I got a big-ass tan line from my dress, but only on the left shoulder since it was the side sticking out in the sun because RYAN was hogging all the damn shade from Henry's car we were seeking shelter behind. Fag. The ride there was durable. Henry had been tinkering with his car before we left in an attempt to make it less "bouncy" and rough-like. But I guess it returned to its usual bouncy self after that trip, and the road back was like HELL! For some reason cold air kept spewing out of the passenger side onto me and I was freezing my fucking ass off (but not on Henry's side) so I stuffed all the luggage at my feet to block the air. Oh and his dumbass almost killed us all with the sudden swerve off the road, luckily the ridges scared THE SHIT out of all of us and woke his ass up BAHA.

I am currently up late, again as always, trying to do my work without getting distracted. Not working very well apparently since I'm updating. DAMN YOU TECHNOLOGY!

OH, BTW. Davis bought this for Henry and I am REALLY FUCKING JEALOUS. It's so handy! ):
House of Commons Utility Carabiner.
I'll be super happy if you get me one too hons :D (in green/blue/red)

Ending with a picture of my new piercing #8

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