Friday, March 26, 2010

hot tub time machine

It was pretty fucking funny. I was doubtful at first watching a movie about a hut tub that travels into time.. but it surprised me. Well done. Highly recommend watch! I should take Henry to watch it sometime. lol
My best friend and I being weird. Don't ask.
Trench I thrifted for 30 bucks. There is real rabbit fur on the collar (which is hidden in the picture). Seriously. I freaked out when I read the label after I got home, but Henry told me to appreciate that it gave its life for me. -____-
these deena and ozzies have become my favorite footwear recently.
Lastly, check out this sweet head band I picked up!

Holy shit, I'm so broke from this motor swap. (JUSTIN HRENKO IS A GENIUS, thanks buddy!) FML. I need more hours. Next in line.. wheels & speakers. Some sort of sound system so I can actually hear my music over the car noise would be awesome. ;P My car is sorta loud cause the muffler broke off probably from age and rust, whatnot. Henry did a halfass job of welding it back on so there are probably some leaks but she sounds pretty gnarly. It's like a deep, sexy grumble. mmm. I'll probably do the wheels first. -__- I need to spice up my blog a bit. It's so white. lol

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