Tuesday, March 16, 2010


(jacked.) booyeah!

I went back to IKEA with Dennis and Amber tagging along and the use of Alex's van to carry my shelf home. :D

Dennis taking pictures.
Trinh taking pictures
Amber irritated
Amber still irritated hahah
Dennis big face
Through the mazeeeee
Dr. Evil face
These stars were dope. Wanted one for my room. There was this AWESOME fucking light show globe thing that shone out STARS AND MOONS AND PLANETS. But it was 30 dollars. I really fucking want it. PLEASE.
Salt and peppaaa yallll
We were supposed to be "running" through the meadow... but I just look like "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT" face while amber is more "OH A PUPPY!" -__-
Chillaxin in our livingroom.
riding on the cart
amber angry face

Very proud of myself for limiting with the spending. Stevie ended up with more bags than me at the end. FOR FUCKEN ONCE. Proud of myself :D

I didn't try this on. It was what I was originally wearing that day. Stevie tried on my jacket though that I now own. ONLY 15 DOLLAR :O I'm such a great bargain shopper[;
I do now possess this floral print zip up skirt. & Stevie that top that I picked out. haha. It's like, she tries on the clothes I pick out that I don't want in the end and buys it. ROFL
being silly. DUDE LOOK AT MY FUCKING ARMS. they're all buff, i'm not even flexing! :O yay weight training!
I bought this mango/banana something from jamba. It was good. Amber would've hated it though..
mango a go go
The end result of my shelf. IT'S NOT EVEN CROOKED OR ANYTHING :D

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