Friday, March 5, 2010


New makeup pallette
New shoesies.

car pictures
my hair is white-ish, blue-ish

I want this mirror.

Henry's dream kitchen.
Almond cake!
Greek salad and meatballs.

Broccoli cheese soup or something and stuffed salmon. mm ikea food.

So recently I bought a shit ton of clothes and shoes from urban outfitters. And I realized that my room space is quite limited. Especially shoe storage space. This is the reason we went to ikea, where I purchased this sweet white and red drawer for 50 bucks. It's kinda small. But the other drawer I really really really wanted had like a bajillion shoe compartments and would probably reach my ceiling was 100. Only issue is that Henry was driving Jackie's Honda fit and it couldn't fit. (lol) D: I'M SO SAD.

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