Sunday, July 18, 2010

just like old times.

tonight, my bestfriends and i went out to playyyy. cause we rarely do anymore! ];
oh damn the married life. lol "you left your man at home? i can be your man, TONIGHT." HAHAH holy shit the funniest pick up lines evaaaaaar.

start of the night, we look all normal and nonsweaty. creeper number one side bustin!

queeeeeeef. known this fucker since freshman year of highschool (:
i see this expression often, when amber looks at stevie. LOL

i am happiest, when i smile the chinkiest smiles. HAHA
amber is the only one looking..
oh, okay!
end of the night: sweaty, gross, and PINK.

So on the way back, Amber and I were singing/yelling/shouting at the top of our lungs (while slightly buzzed, at that) our favorite songs from the summer of 08 cd's I still have stashed in my car. She later on lost her voice and now sounds like Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. HAHAHAHA holy shit. I love my best friends. Even if Stevie was being a pooper. muah.

BY THE WAY. I've gained weight! YES. Only.. the fat seems to be going into my cheeks. ): If you notice, you can no longer see my cheek bones. Just really big chipmunk cheeks. FML. WHY COULDN'T IT GO EVERYWHERE ELSE. T_____T I am soooooooooo not looking forward to getting my wisdoms pulled out. I'm gonna look like fucking quagmire. -__-'

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