Thursday, July 22, 2010

sf dub date [;

Got a text this morning from Connie telling me I'd better be ready at 11:50 or else she's leaving me. WTF! Her and Ado showed up at my house 15-20 min later and we bounced on out!

First stop, JAPAN TOWN!

He looks so excited to get his FIRST crepe. -___-'

no pictures!! lol i didn't know.
green tea crepe(: mmm
ado taking a picture of his crepe hahaha

connie and ado bought these little "name on rice" trinkets to hang in their cars. cute.
yeahhhh deep throat

so awesome! he spoke in cool robotic voices lol

sooo chinkyyyy!


next time.. next time.

After that.. we went into this oxygen bar. JUST TO LOOK AROUND. And all the workers there started going crazy on us putting all these products and giving us free oxygen and IT WAS QUITE AWESOME
head massage.. hahah his face. (:
connie was scuurrred ];

wtf anh. silly goose.
smiles .. and mugs.. LOL

after awhile.. i felt really scared. she put this massage thing that made your muscles move on its own. my shoulders were going up and down without control. i felt really claustrophobic and almost felt like crying so i asked her to take it off. ):

water massages!


clam chowder to end the day. :D

Lovely... (:

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