Thursday, July 22, 2010

new toys

So, I went to autozone with Henry today to find a hub for the steering wheel but that was a fail. & instead spotted these zebra print seat covers. At first I was like ehhhh not too sure about them but asked the dude if we could run outside and try it on one of the seats and he let us! So I did and then I was like hmm this looks sorta dope. and they fit skin tight! SHE LOOKS LIKE SHES THAT CAR THAT THE POTHEAD DRIVES IN THAT 70'S SHOW! sweet. had me sold.
cool homo peace sign rainbow chain to top it off. LOL
chup. there goes my baby.

I desperately need to start saving for those wheels.

1 comment:

  1. have you tried looking at old toyota alloys to keep the retro look?

    ive been checking up on your website for your car updates for ages.

    i reckon the old supra alloys with low profiles, get spacers on your ride and lowered + negative camber. mean az. all that would be worth for a set of new mags.

    please have more photos of your ride so i can photoshop it properly