Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday and today was nice. *Remind me to upload 6 flags pictures soon.

Slept in the majority of the day, surprise? haha. Lounged around at home and hung out with the little one and mommas. Come night time, Dennis came over and we chilled on the porch with our packs of cigarettes. Leading to the roof with our packs of cigarettes. Leading to Chauncey and Kenneth's surprise visit and outstanding bite marks on my arm. (courtesy of chauncey) -___-;; Missed him so very much! [: [: [: Talked to the newly enlightened Kenneth about Buddhism and spiritualism on the roof for quite awhile. His newfound discovery of my religion has seemed to respark my old passion for its teachings. I think I'm going to start digging in my shelf and reread all the books my grandmother gave me. I seem to have lost track of the path or, "middle way"that I should have been on until recently. Alot of shit has happened to fuck around with my mind and views upon certain sensitive subjects. I apologize for this. (including the way angry blog down below) I need to remember to have compassion and forgiveness for all beings.. no matter how shitty. Also have a hold on that anger of mine. har har har..........

Jonathon picked me up and off to Jamba we gooooo. After a very satisfying banana berry smoothie we proceded to go with Dennis to his family party. THE BABIES ARE SO BIG NOW! Ahhh I missed them soooooo. I'm like, in love with Dennis' family. After that a party in San Leandro with the boys and Amber. EPIC FAIL. Failed party, but interesting ride. And Iguana's for carne asada nacho fries mmmhmmmmmmmmmmm.

I guess it turns out I don't really hate Henry that much. And hate is such a strong word. People make their mistakes, not much you can do about it but leave if you're not going to deal with it. Yeah, I tried doing that. That was an epic fail all its own. I just wish people would stop coming to my house and begging on their hands and knees for me to take them back. HAHA JUST KIDDING. I'm giving you one last chance and if you fuck this time up, then it's a done deal. You know my blog is going to be filled with hate letters and love letters here and there like a bipolar fucking roller coaster, but its okay. CAUSE BITCH, I DO WHAT I WANT. wahahhaa. I haven't seen that kid for two days, kinda miss his ugly face. Maybe I'll visit him tomorrow. Until then, good day sir.


p.s. Japanese people aren't that bad. Discovery #34

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