Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Funny thing last Sunday. I tagged along with Henry to work with cleaning up the equipment for Paris by Night and decided to park my car in a parking structure downtown cause there was no fucking parking anywhere. We thought it was free since all the gates was up and shiet and herra people were leaving so whatever. After he was done we walked back skipping, hand in hand and skidded to a halt when we realized they closed the gates and it was all locked and barred up and shit. Poor Lafonda was stuck inside and we're stranded downtown in the middle of the night all alone. ): Frantically looking for signs or a number to call, Henry calmly called the company and asked them to send for help. We circled the building, inspecting it and I came across a speaker box thing with a button on it. I pressed multiple times with no response. Desperately, while pressing down, I yelled at it "HELP ME!!!!!" And what do you know? A very nice old man answered[: He found us and saved my car and we got away with free parking. YEEEE

I always get into strange, unpredictable situations with you babe. Haha, I love it. (Except the time we got jumped by random Mexicans.) Goodnight yo.

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