Friday, September 17, 2010

d&b, downtown artshow, sashimi dinners.

It was two of my friends brithdays. Ironically, they are both named Kevin. LOL.
Everyone and their moms were there. Fun night though!

haha amber playing deal or no deal.. i fucked her over so hard. i picked the 3 highest deals.. T_____T

Andrew took me to this artshow down town. He parked so fucking FAR AWAY. holy crap. I didn't know we would be walking so much or else I wouldn't have worn wedges. He had to carry me on the way back HAHA

trojan horse was filled with paper oragami viruses. clever huh?

here are the oragami viruses.

message in a bottle

recreated a drive in movie theatre

he only did the survey because he thought she was hot... and indeed she is! cute clothes too.
on screen for a second so i snapped a picture (:

so exhausted
i'm peeling!

then kevin took me out to sushi. never been here before! pretty bomb sashimi.

topped off with green tea tempura ice cream.

a full trinh, is a happy trinh. life is good.
oh and then he let me drive his car home. i was so nervous. but there was no stalling so all went well LOL. i figured out today that i don't like driving expensive cars. too much of liability! i love my jane.

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