Tuesday, September 21, 2010

guilty pleasure

So like, I've had this new vampire obsession since Twilight. LOL. And I'm pretty sure the majority of the girl population is with me on this band wagon as well. BWAHHAHA. (& All the guys in the world are probably rolling their eyes right now.) "The Vampire Diaries", I started reading the books.. but they got really fuckin shitty towards the end of the series. So I just abruptly stopped. The television show is muy interesante on the otherhand!! My only issue is that.. THE GUY ON THE FAR LEFT FUCKING LOOKS LIKE MY EXBOYFRIEND. AND IT CREEPS ME THE FUCK OUT. Those of you who knew him.. RIGHT?!?!??!?! jesus christ. hahahahhahah. Amber, he's turned into a real vampire. Oh dear lord.

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