Tuesday, December 14, 2010

as some of you may already know..

i haven't really announced that i'm moving in with henry, to san francisco. i've just been talking about it to close friends pretty much. i'm already registered for sf city, in the process of filling out forms for financial aid (YES FINALLY), and stuff stuff stuff. i'll be back every weekend for work, however, as i've requested my boss to give me only friday-sunday shifts. that way i can spend some time at home and see my best friends yet concentrate in school on the weekdays, IN ONE PLACE. i think this is tremendously good for me. (: i'm happy. i'm settling in and i think that we're ready for that next step. some of you guys probably think it's a terrible idea to move in with your significant other, me being one of them just a few months ago. but i think that we've been through plenty of trial and error sessions to reach where we are now. and we've both fucked up, even separated long enough and dated other people to know that it's hard not to be together, to find anyone else who will fit as right. oh, and i absolutely do not care or give a flying fuck about what's going on with anyone else's baby mama drama filled life, issues, conflicts or anything else that may involve me or him in the slightest way. i'm in my own world, i'm creating my own life and i am genuinely happy. i strongly suggest you do the same. so stay out of my way or i'm going to run your ass over. i'll be documenting the move and transition, with pictures of the new place soon! our first purchase will be at least a 40 inch led/lcd tv, along with futon for amber! (and other friends) to come crash and visit, coffee table, home sound system, probably a few kitchen appliances, new wardrobe shit for my mountains of clothes.

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