Friday, December 24, 2010


you're seriously mental. i mean, guilty as charged for checking up on you from time to time to see how you guys are doing. but shit, that's really mature shit you got going on there, blasting your entire fb with long ass vengeful paragraphs subtly referencing the obvious. please note the sarcasm in my tone. -___- no offense here but i could have taken him back ANYTIME i wanted, nigga was stuck. sorry if i may sound conceited and stuck up but this is a proven fact. if i wanted to homewreck you i would have successfully done it. unfortunately, that shit does NOT indeed float my fucking boat and never again would i even touch that dirty shit. fuck i don't think i could ever give a fuck about a guy this much. i also know for a fact you check up on my blogs so here's some more fuel for your psychotic rants that no one really gives a shit about. let's face it, you're begging for attention. attention that i cannot give! lol i suggest you shut your pretty little mouth and move the fuck on with your life and take your man with you. FAR FAR AWAY. kthanks.

i'm sad to say that from now on i'm going to refrain from reading these oh so very entertaining diatribes and just block your very unpleasant self from my very pleasant life. okaiii?? gooooooodbaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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