Thursday, December 2, 2010


So worth the wait of 1.5 weeks to see this in the IMAX theatre at the Metreon. It was pretty empty, no line no wait. HELLA BIG ASS FUCKEN THEATRE and super cool sound. Also, some random old black lady came up and asked me if I could buy her some pancakes. I say sure! I have a dollar! She says no I need you to take me to the store and buy me pancakes. At first I was like uh O___O but then Henry jumps in and goes yeah of course! Off we go to Mel's, but for some odd reason they wouldn't let us buy her anything. So she goes whatever then we'll go to Denny's. Crosses the street to Denny's. She orders like a platter of shit around 9 bucks. THEN after I paid she looks at me and says "Sweety do you have a dollar?" LOL DAMN LIKE THAT? Oh well, I gave her another dollar and told her to have a wonderful day.

I hate the cold because it dries up my lips to shit. ):

So the Metreon is like filled with these crane machines and arcades. I wasted 3 bucks on trying to win something but at least it wasn't anymore than that!

We spent a total of 4 hours there and this was the parking fee. JESUS RIGHT
dammmmn good shit babe.

came home and i cooked some chicken and crabszsz paired with strawberry soda and litchi ramune from mitsuwa! random combo but fucking delish.

time to shower, shows, street fighter and snuggles!

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