Tuesday, December 7, 2010

birthday/christmas wishlist

2. betsy johnson, marc jacobs bag
http://www.betseyjohnson.com/product/index.jsp?productId=10871972 - SWOOPED BY AMBER! thanks honeyy!!! you're the best wife evaaaaaaar (:
hi henry (:
3. cb400.. triumph trophy LOL
4. a new phone ): which is probably not a good idea since i break everything i get..
5. 40 inch lcd or (preferably) led tv (:
6. cutesy wheels for my car
7. gift cards to: topshop, dolce vita, urban, american apparel, vs, macy's, h&m, vans, aldo, zumies, sephora, etc
8. my boyfriend to find a job and car LOL
9. hm i also want black asics
10. ipod for my car OOH I WANT THE NEW IPOD NANO WATCH thingamajig puleaseee
11. 24 gym membership

shit i have to think really really hard of what i want just to get this much. pretty much, i'm content with everything i have and couldn't ask for more. so for my birthday/christmas, just give me a big fat smooch and hugssssss. xoxoxoxoxo hahahh i'll keep adding once i discover more things i want though [;

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