Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fuck socal.

I'm quite sad even though Henry only left today and I saw him a couple hours ago, but knowing that I won't see him for more than a week makes me depressed. Sigh. I need to do my laundry. And I need to go shopping. I need a pair of long black boots. And a shiny jacket. lol! I'm also lacking a lot of jewelry. I keep losing everything I get. There's hella more shit I want but have forgotten.. But I did get a new pair of cheap mondays![; So I guess I might be working at best buy in Milpitas. That is, if I do well on my interview har har. But I don't know it might be weird working with friends, I mean experienced that once and it was not too pleasant. (Amber!) lol. I'm not exactly looking forward to a familiar face going all alpha male on me. But money is money. And I also might as well break up with Henry cause I won't see him ever again with school and work. But at least the upside is I have more monies to support my unhealthy shopping habits :D And money to help my mother out. SO MANY DECISIONS. Oh well, summer school is almost over. One thing I look forward to is ASB next week with honay and the boys. I'll probably do that interview soon. As soon as my phone is back in working order :P I just watched this French movie Une vieille maƮtresse . It has English subtitles. It's pretty interesting, and pretty fucking weird. But I enjoyed it. I'd recommend if you're up late and can't sleep watch kinda movie. The main character chick hella looks like frida kahlo with no unibrow. lol.
I need to take some nyquil and knock out before I stress myself to death.


(btw that smooth away shit does NOT work.. waste of ten bucks -_-)

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BUT this is my favorite of all time<3 Haven't found any better.

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  1. Why thank you!

    We left socal the same day Henry arrived.. lol