Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day four.

Of not seeing my boyfriend. 5 more days to go..
I can't wait for ASB. Watch me turn into an African(:Scary face kisses for Henry Nguyen.
Trinh Phan misses you.
Come back please.

So here's my day, if you care to read.
Amber and I took my little brother to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I loved it, but Eric thought it was boring. I hereby disown him from the family. I'm pretty much a Harry Potter nerd while he is a Series of Unfortunate Events nerd.. -_- Fail. Then we took him to go swimming. I dragged his butt out to the deep side but he started being a little baby about it and we ended up splashing Amber cause all she was doing was sitting there reading my magazines. After that, dropped Eric off and Amber and I went to eat crawfish with Thanh and Ben. It was my first time eating crawfish at an actual restaurant, very interesting experience indeed. I was trying to tell Thanh that I know how to eat crawfish and she didn't have to lecture me when it just so happened to fly out of my fingers and land neatly on the floor. Then, commenced to getting sugarcane juice, only it was closed and ended up pimpin the parking lot of grand century for a bit. Dropped Amber off, and went with Gabe and Adam to my neighbor's party. They drank there, hells of beer. After that went to the so called "mansion party" all the fucking way in San Mateo, not so much beer. The house was really fucking big though, even though it had no gargoyles therefore it is not considered a mansion. LOL. Hella disturbing ass white boys showing their ass cracks in their fucking white boxers jumping in and out of the pool shirtless thinking they're hot and buff while in reality they are skinny and white as fuck. Gross. One of them even shoved their ass in my face. It makes me so glad that Henry is the same skin tone as I am(:brown sugggaaaaa. Gabe and I had some fun doing "commentaries" for some of the white boys in the pool ahah. Smoked smoked smoked. I made a discovery that saying you're 3 months pregnant with another kid at home is a very good repellant for creepy guys at parties. Adam drove me home, ate my rice plate momma bought for me and now sleep till late afternoon tomorrow, wake up do multiple essays, research paper, study for exam #3, and reading. YAY ):

I never thought I'd say this but, I can't wait till Monday for school.
So I can forget Henry exists, at least till Friday so I'll miss him less. T.T

My hair is fucked. I tried dying it white but it turned fucking blonde. FUCK!!!!! This is the first time in my life that I am blonde. Hopefully it won't last for long, I'll fix it asap. Also I've lost hella weight. Amber and I are the same fucking weight now.. 105-106 lbs, and we're both 5'5. I'm not even trying to it just happened. Now I gotta buy tighter pants. Fuck.

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